There’s Still Hope for America

There's Still Hope for America

I hear it all the time. How horrible our world is getting, how our country is not the great nation it once was. It seems like even most Christian’s I talk to have given up hope of our country ever turning back to God.

I understand where everyone is coming from, I really do. In fact, I myself have felt like that before-even up until just a few days ago. Everywhere you turn, our rights are being stripped away from us. Evil seems to be the prevailing force, and nothing is holy anymore. And it isn’t just here in America. In fact, we have it good compared to many places around the world. At least here our children aren’t being martyred for their faith, and Christians (or anyone) aren’t running for their lives.

It’s so easy for us to say there is no hope, and just wait for Jesus to return. Waiting for Jesus to return is good, but waiting without hope is not. How many people do we know who aren’t ready for His return? I’m sure we all have loved ones and friends who aren’t. I know I do. So while I am looking forward to that glorious day, I sure would like to see the tides turn here and around the world first so that more people will be prepared to meet our Heavenly Father.

And I truly do believe now that is what God wants as well. I did believe that we as a nation were beyond hope. But all that changed just a few days ago on 9/11.

Unless you’ve been in a hole the last few days (or at least away from any technology), you’ve likely heard that on the eve of 9/11 there was a double rainbow over the spot where the Twin Towers used to stand. Then the next day, on 9/11, a crane collapsed on the most important mosque in the muslim faith, the Mecca Grand Mosque.

I asked my husband what he thought of the two incidences, and he said that he thinks it means there is still hope for America. God hasn’t forgotten about us or turned His back just yet. There is still hope for America.

The rainbow has always been a sign of grace and forgiveness to God’s people, a symbol to show God’s love and instill hope.

And I do know that people died in the mosque accident, and that is a tragedy. But as I researched it more, I found that it actually fell at the least busiest time. Had the crane fallen an hour before or an hour after, there would have been significantly more tragedies. God was attacking the symbol, not the people. He loves the muslim people and wants them to come to repentance and love Him as well. We can see all through scripture of God destroying false idols and places where people worship false gods. I hope that this tragedy will make some question their faith and look for the truth.

I also don’t think it was a mistake or a coincidence that these rainbows and then this tragedy happened on 9/11. It is well known that radical islamists were responsible for the attacks on our country, and that they were done in the name of their religion. I believe God is trying to get our attention. He is God. He is still in control. He still loves us.

There is still hope.

We as Christian’s need to use this time wisely. To pray for our nation. To pray for those in power. To pray for the lost. Will you join me in asking God to turn the tide, to turn our nation back to Him?

  • Tayler

    It was actually a fanatic group of Muslims, a small, infantile percentage who led the terrorist attack. The VAST majority of Muslims are very good, kind-hearted people. They actually are just as similar to us as are Jews. We are all “brothers of the book.” The Muslims believe in the Old Testament up until Ishmael…that’s where their biblical history stems from. I have many Muslim friends and have read the Koran myself. Many of their believes are just as plain and simple and similar to ours as Christians. Honestly, I know many Muslims who are better people than most Christians both in their religious life and their secular life. I believe Allah and God and the Jewish God are all the same God. Just different stems. I believe that the Devil caused the crane to fall on that mosque as they were preparing for the busiest Holy Pilgrimage–just like us as Mormons going to General Conference or Catholics visiting a Saintly place or Rome. I believe Christ had it happen during the least busy time because like you said, He loves them just as much as He loves us and He knows they are trying their best to be like God just as we are.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I also know many people of all different religions that are good people. And I do absolutely believe that God loves them all regardless of their belief. But I also strongly believe what Jesus says in the Bible that “I am the way, the truth, and the life-no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” Jesus died to pay for all the sins of mankind, and unless a person professes faith in Him, no amount of being a good person will get them into Heaven. I guess we can never know this side of Heaven why that crane fell and it was probably wrong of me to try to figure out why it did, but I do know that many people come to know Jesus through tragedies and I hope that many will through this one as well.

      • Tayler

        And I guess that’s where Mormons differ as we believe that there is still missionary work to be done on the other side until Christ comes again, then there will be three degrees of glory in Heaven.

        • Miranda Gonzalez

          I 100% believe in missionary work as well. My church supports quite a few and I was just at a prayer meeting tonight. I just do also believe that God uses many things to bring people to Him. I don’t know that I would have sought a relationship with Him if not for certain bad things in my life.