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What is Valor used for?


Valor. This wasn’t one of the first oils I used when I got my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Quite frankly, because I didn’t know just what I would use it for. But it has since become one of the most indispensable oils in my collection. I really don’t know how I lived without it for so long! That’s why I decided to write this post, so you can also discover all the great qualities this oil possesses and start using (and loving!) it right away.

As you can imagine, my back hurts quite often, being that I’m big and pregnant. Especially my lower back and right up along the sides of my spine. Often at night it hurts so bad that I don’t even want my husband to massage it, but I found something that does work. I mix a couple tablespoons of coconut oil with about 5-6 drops of Valor and just have my husband rub it on my back where it hurts, and within minutes I can feel the tension and achiness disappear. A back rub with this oil makes for a much more restful sleep and a happier morning!

Not only is Valor great for occasional sore, achy muscles, it is also great for alleviating minor joint aches and pains. A couple months ago my husband hurt his elbow in a softball game and would not let me put any oils on him for the first couple days. Finally he let me rub Valor on his elbow and woke up the next morning good as new. I also use it on my knees when they start hurting. Works like a charm, every time.

I also discovered on the Young Living website that Valor “increases feelings of strength, courage,  and self-esteem in the face of adversity.” Who wouldn’t want some more of that, right? So I tested it out by dabbing a few drops on the back of my daughter’s neck before her first soccer practice. She was seriously stressed out, to the point of tears, about this new experience. Again, Valor did not let me down. She went to practice and had a great time. You never would have known how nervous she had been just 30 minutes before!

This also would be a great oil to use before going in for chiropractic care, as it “helps the body to self-correct its balance and alignment”, according to the Young Living website. And according to the Quick Reference Guide, Valor “helps create an environment where structural alignment can occur.” I haven’t personally used it for this yet, but I think I’m going to have to come up with a reason to go to the chiropractor so I can try it out! And since this is one of the main oils used in the Raindrop Massage technique, I certainly don’t doubt either of those claims.

Update: I actually started going to a chiropractor during the last trimester of my pregnancy, and every time I remembered to put Valor on my spine beforehand, I felt like I got such a better adjustment. My chiropractor even commented how great it was a couple times!

So there you have it.

Another great and versatile oil from Young Living. Valor is no longer included in the Premium Starter Kit, but it is so worth it to add on! I love this company so much and all the benefits I’ve seen in mine and my family’s health in just the few short months I’ve been using them. If you would like to get started on your oily journey, just visit my Essential Oils page, where you will find more information on the products and a link to order. And I’m always here to answer any questions you may have, you can comment or get a hold of me through my Contact page. There’s no better time than now!


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