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Rekindle Your Love By Remembering

Ways to keep the Love Alive in your Marriage

Valentine’s Day is over. The candies and decorations have gone on clearance. We have all gone back to our normal, not so romantic lives. But that doesn’t mean we should let that spirit of love slip away.

According to the CDC, the divorce rate here in the USA is right at 50%. For every 1000 people, 6.8 will get married, and 3.4 will get divorced. Those statistics are so sad, and I think it shows how important it is to work on your marriage. I just want to say, before I go any further, that I fall into those statistics. I got pregnant and married in high school, and unfortunately that marriage ended in divorce. I know the heartache that comes with a family falling apart. I am determined to not let that happen with my marriage again.

I would hope that half of all people who go to the marriage altar aren’t expecting to end up divorced a few years later. Yet that is what happens. Life gets in the way. We have jobs, kids, numerous other obligations that take time away from connecting with our spouses. Often times, relationships between husband and wife are left on the back burner to simmer out and dry up. Sometimes we don’t even realize there’s a problem until we see the smoke.

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