Pregnancy Back Support

I am pregnant right now with baby #5, and I don’t know if it is because I am older (not old, just older!) or if maybe the baby is in a weird position, but my back pain has been worse than any other pregnancy. I have started setting my kitchen timer for 10 minutes just […]

How Pregnant Women Are Like Hobbits

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes a woman’s body. Well, maybe “changes” is too light a word. How about completely takes over! Your body grows in crazy ways and starts functioning way outside of the normal range and you find yourself with issues you never thought were possible. It’s all good though, because at the […]

Pregnancy After Loss

Today, in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, I am writing a post about getting pregnant again after a miscarriage. Last year in May I went to a routine prenatal appointment at 15 weeks gestation and discovered that my sweet baby no longer had a heartbeat. He had been taken into the arms of […]

Thy Word Is Truth

I Can’t Do It Alone

This pregnancy has been hard on me. I have been more tired than I remember with my other ones, and while I found out a reason and a solution to the physical exhaustion, I have allowed that to make me spiritually exhausted as well. I’ve thought things I shouldn’t think. And allowed myself to go […]