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His Mornings Are Magical

Juvy and Anika

We were sitting on the couch, half asleep, watching some random television show together.

It had been a rough couple of weeks, but also a special couple of weeks. We had a new baby in the house, so sleep was hard to come by.

Finally, for what seemed like the first time in ages, all 5 children (baby included) were in bed and we were enjoying just relaxing together.

Someone on the tv was making a joke about how when you are a parent, mornings are the worst part of the day because before you even open your eyes there are little people screaming for your attention.

I was sitting there in my sleep-deprived stupor, hanging on every word he was saying and nodding right along, when I caught my husband grinning out of the corner of my eye.

As I was turning to look at him, I started to voice my agreement with tv man, when the most beautiful words came out of my man’s mouth and stopped me in my tracks.

“My mornings are magical.”

He then went on to explain how much he loves it when, every morning, our children come one by one and get into the bed to cuddle with him. He said it was the best part of his day.

“And then when you give me the baby, it gets even better.”

If hearts could pop from being overwhelmed with love, mine would have burst out of my chest.

Here is this man, this amazing man, saying that he loves it when our children wake him up in the morning. He loves it when I hand off the baby to him after a night of waking every every hour to nurse so I can finally get a little bit of sleep.

I thank God for bringing us together. We are so different, but I’m starting to see how well that works. I am a night owl. And his mornings are magical.

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Sleep Deprived Mommy

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that at the beginning of December we had a sweet little bundle of joy join our home. (If you haven’t, you can read my birth story here.) These last 3 weeks have been filled with so much love in our home. The older 4 children all love the baby to pieces and are great helpers. And I just can’t stop staring at her cute face or kissing her chubby cheeks.

Unfortunately, I also haven’t been getting much sleep. It seems like when you decide to have another baby, all you can remember is the good. Our brains (at least mine) tend to block out the sleepless nights, the hours on end when your baby just wants to cry, and any other not-so-easy parenting struggles that come along with your sweet, squishy little one.  Which is good, because if all we remember are the tiny fingers curled around ours and the smell that only new babies possess, we want to have more. Maybe God gives us “mommy brain” for a reason!

I should have known this baby was going to have her days and nights mixed up. From the time I felt her first movements in my tummy, they were always at night. I would go all day not feeling a single kick or roll, and then come evening time it felt like she was running a marathon in there. So I should have been prepared for her to stay up all night, right? Wrong!

Luckily my husband was able to take time off work for family bonding, and he is great about letting me hand the baby off to him when I have been up for hours and just. have. to. sleep. But for a good chunk of her night time wakefulness, she wants to eat. And that is my department, since she is nursing.

I guess what I am really wondering is how come I don’t remember being so sleep deprived with my other babies? You would think that by baby #5 I would be a baby-sleep professional, but this little stinker is my hardest one so far. So what is different? I think it’s because with my first baby, I took lots of naps and slept when she slept (great advice, by the way!), and since my son wasn’t born until 8 years later, I also slept when he slept. Plus my 8 year old loved holding him, so I would sometimes snooze while she played with him. Then when baby #3 came along, I was in college so she took bottles right from the start, which made it easier for me to get sleep, since I wasn’t nursing all night. Plus she was a super easy baby and always wanted daddy. Then baby #4 was just a great baby. I hardly ever remember her crying very much. As long as she was fed, she was happy! And as long as she was beside me at night, she would sleep for hours.

For some reason, I have been feeling guilty about sleeping during the day. Which is silly on my part, because even when I was pregnant I took naps. Maybe it is because I feel like I should be present for my other kids during the day, since so much of my time is devoted to the baby now. On Christmas Eve, I stood in the kitchen just crying-for no reason other than that I was so absolutely, to the bone TIRED! I knew then that I had to get over my self-imposed no nap rule. On Christmas day we had planned to go sing at the local assisted living community for the elderly, but we never made it. I took 3 naps that day with the baby. My body really needed the sleep! And since then, I have felt better. Since I am taking care of myself now, even if that means taking naps, I can take better care of my family. Because when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

So to any new mommies out there, trudging through the days with a baby who won’t sleep at night, or who cries all the time, take heart! It doesn’t last forever, and that sweet little baby is definitely worth it. Remember to take care of yourself. A drowning person can’t save someone else. A tired mommy can’t be the best mommy for her kids, either. Hand that baby to daddy, or call a sitter in for a couple hours so you can get some uninterrupted shut-eye. You will feel better and be a better mom for it, I promise!

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