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Ultimate Christian Living Bundle Sale!

I am SO very excited to be able to share this AMAZING deal with you! What you see below are all the e-books and mp3’s included in the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle, which goes on sale from November 5 to November 10.  In addition to all these are some pretty cool bonuses. One is a workout program that will help you to get healthier in only 15 minutes a day! For a busy mom like me, every moment counts, so being able to squeeze in a work-out in 15 minutes is right up my alley. Click on any of the boxes below and it will take you to the sale website, where you can find out what the other bonuses are as well as all the info you may want to know about the sale.

I am looking forward to reading so many of these books, especially the ones in the Christian Classics Series! I tried to read Pilgrims Progress a few years ago in the original English, and let’s just say I never finished it. Props to all of you have read it and hung in there! But this version is in modern English which I am excited about reading aloud to my children.

You’ll notice in the Children’s Collection, there is a picture of a bunch of cd’s. I can’t wait to listen to all those Bible songs and scripture with my children. I notice that my children memorize anything easier when it is set to music. What a great way to hide God’s Word in their heart! You will be getting all those in mp3 format, so you could put them on any device and even listen on the go.

Even men will find something they like here. There is a whole Business and Personal Finance Collection (not just for men, but I know it’s something my husband will be interested in), and some of the books in the Marriage Collection are written specifically to husbands. There really is something here for the whole family, and it is sure to be a collection your family will cherish for years to come.

If you were to buy all of these separately, the cost would be over $1141! I don’t know about you, but that is just a bit out of budget for my family. But if you buy this collection during the sale, it will cost you a whopping $34.95! Such an amazing deal! But be sure to order as soon as the sale starts, because quantities are limited. In order to get an email when the sale goes live, click the banner box in the sidebar of this blog, and let them know to notify you. You can also click any of the boxes below if you are on a mobile device and can’t see my sidebar. And don’t worry, I will be posting here as soon as the sale goes live with a link to order, as well. So check out all the books, I’m sure there is something that will appeal to you. Even if there’s only one or two from each category that grab your eye, you still can’t beat this price!


Sale is going on from now until November 10! Click on any of the boxes to be taken to the sale website, or simply click on the BUY NOW button below to be taken directly to the order form.


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