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What I Learned From My Drama Queen


I am the mother to a little girl who is 4 going on 5. Or maybe she is really going on 15 and I just missed the last 10 years somehow, because that is how it feels most days. Like I have a miniature teenager running around in my house. I love this little girl with all my heart but she sure can try my patience at times.

She is so dramatic. The slightest injury or insult quickly escalates into nuclear meltdown proportions.

It’s either 0 or 60 for her, there is no in between. She is constantly running on full-steam.

She is a little fashion diva, changing her outfits multiple times a day and having to have her hair a certain way. Plus she loves mommy’s make-up and “smell goods.”

Bossy would be an understatement. As would “control-freak.” Although I wouldn’t dare call her either one of those!

It probably doesn’t help that she is one of my middle children. Still, I think this is more her personality than her birth order, even though there may be some truth to the birth order line of thinking. She is so easy to love, so sweet and kind most of the time. Except when she’s not.

The other day I took her to swim lessons and while I was sitting there watching her I couldn’t help but notice the look of pure joy on her face as she was kicking her little feet in the water. She was trying so hard to please her instructor and was so happy to just be there, in the pool, at that moment. And then I realized that she has that look often. I just haven’t been seeing her. Truly seeing her. In that second I fell head over heels back in love with my little girl.

My dramatic girl that lives 100% in the present, enjoying every little detail of life to the fullest.

My girl, constantly on the go because she wants to experience all that life has to offer.

My fashion diva who always wants to make a statement, because after all, this moment is here and is of the utmost importance.

My bossy girl who takes life by the horns and holds nothing back.

I sat there on the sidelines of the pool that day, looking at my daughter like I had just met her. Why hadn’t I seen her in this light before? Why had I let the cares of this world stop me from loving my children just the way God made them, with all their little quirks and eccentricities? If I could live life the way my 4 year old lives life, I would be such a better person. Living in the moment instead of the past or the future. Savoring each experience instead of floating through life trying to check things off my list or stay on schedule. Being truly present with the people around me. This is what I learned that day from my sweet little girl. I hope and pray I never forget it. I also pray that she never loses that joy. That excitement for life.

After all, obedience can be learned. Self-control can be learned. But finding joy in life’s little moments. That’s harder. That is a gift. One I hope she carries with her forever and never lets go of. I’m so thankful God blessed our family with this joyful, dramatic, always on the go little girl.

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