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3rd Trimester Exhaustion

Liquid Chlorophyll to beat pregnancy exhaustion

Liquid Chlorophyll to beat pregnancy exhaustion

I am barely into my third trimester, as of last week. And yet for weeks now I have been feeling run down and sluggish, with absolutely NO energy! I wasn’t expecting the exhaustion so early. In my previous pregnancies I have been good to go until about the last month. My energetic 2nd trimester was way too short, if you ask me.

At my last midwife appointment I brought up how tired I have been, and she checked my iron levels. Sure enough, they were much too low. I’ve been anemic before and so I was ready for the “take an iron supplement and eat lots of iron-rich foods” talk, but was surprised when she recommended something I had never heard of before. Liquid Chlorophyll.

Apparently, chlorophyll mimics iron in our body in that it increases red blood cell production. And according to my midwife, it will work faster than an iron supplement without the icky constipation side effect. So I decided to give it a shot. And guess what? It totally works! I’ve only been taking it a week and already my energy has returned. I mean, I’m not going to go out and run a marathon (I am 7 months pregnant after all) but my house and laundry sure are happier!

It makes sense, since iron is found in so many leafy green vegetables, and chlorophyll is where plants get their green color from. The only requirements are that the chlorophyll be from alfalfa plants. I don’t know why exactly this is important, but hey, it works. And you want to make sure that it isn’t the drops. It will come in a dark bottle that has to be refrigerated after it is opened. I take one tablespoon twice a day, usually in the morning and then again when I start feeling tired in the afternoon. My advice would be to mix it into a little bit of juice first, as it has a strong grassy taste.

I found a great one on Amazon. The brand is DeSouza’s, and it was a good price. I found that at first, it is hard to pour out and tends to make a mess, but once you get about a quarter of the way into the bottle that doesn’t seem to be an issue. An easy remedy would be to use a medicine dropper for the first few times. You can purchase directly from Amazon by clicking on this link:

Here is another one that comes highly recommended by my midwife:


Note: A small portion of any purchases made through this affiliate link will be used to bless my family. Thank you!