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How to Use Purification Essential Oil


Purification blend from Young Living is one of my favorite and most versatile oils. In fact, this was the first oil I ran out of when I got my Premium Starter Kit. It just has so many uses! Cleansing, sanitizing, and health maintenance, to name a few. In this post I am going to let you know about some of the many ways I personally use Purification in my home to keep it clean and smelling fresh!

  1.  Insect and Rodent Control- The little nasty’s certainly don’t like this! The combination of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary, among other oils in the blend, keeps the pests on the run. Which makes me very happy. Put a few drops into a glass or metal spray bottle with water and a little bit of witch hazel, and then spray around doors and windows, or on yourself if you’re looking for a chemical-free bug spray. You can also put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in areas where you know the insects or rodents are coming in to deter them.
  2. Sanitize your countertops- What I LOVE about Young Living oils is that they are so versatile. Just take your same spray bottle you made for keeping the bugs away and spray down your countertops to kill any lingering germs. Bonus-bugs won’t want to crawl around up there! You could also put a couple drops in a glass bowl with some water and use it to wipe down your counters with a sponge or dishrag.
  3. Get rid of Mold and Fungus- Again, just take your handy-dandy spray bottle and tackle that mold or fungus wherever it is growing. Once you get it clean, keep spraying down the area periodically to keep it from coming back. This is great to use in showers!
  4. Freshen Laundry- I know NONE of you are like me and forget to rotate your laundry load before you go to bed at night. Or leave a load in the washer all weekend. Oops! I used to have to re-wash it 2-3 times when that happened just to get most of the smell out, and some clothes still smelled musty. Now, I have gotten better about not doing that, but if I do forget I just restart the washer with a little detergent and about 4-6 drops of Purification, and they come out smelling fresh, fresh, fresh. Even when I stay on top of the laundry I like to occasionally add a few drops to a load, especially of towels, to get them smelling nice. Another great way is to douse a clean dishrag with a few drops and throw it in the dryer with the load.
  5. Clean the Air- When I am deep cleaning my house, Purification is my go-to oil to diffuse. Not only does it have an energizing smell, but it actually cleans the ickies out of the air. Super good when you’re dusting and sweeping because otherwise all those germs just get swirled up into the air to get inhaled by your family. This oil is also great at getting out cooking smells. The scents of beans, curry, onions, and garlic have all bit the dust when faced with Purification from my diffuser. I love the smell of food when it is actually cooking or being eaten, but nobody wants to have company come over in the morning and be able to smell last nights dinner. Yuck!
  6. Sanitize sponges- One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves the dish sponge in the sink when they are done with it. It stays wet and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. I am constantly throwing out sponges because of this. They start to stink and that’s when you know the bacteria has taken over. I used to microwave them, and while I know from biology class that microwaving will kill the germs, they still stink! Now when one of my dear family members leaves my sponge to breed in the sink I just fill up a bowl with hot water and 3 drops of Purification and leave the sponge soaking for about 10 minutes. Kills the germs and the smell.

So that is how I use this very versatile oil in my home. If you want to try it out, just go to my Essential Oils page and you will find the link. You can order just Purification by changing the ordering form from Wholesale to Retail customer if you want. BUT then you have to pay retail price. In order to get Wholesale pricing now and for life, just leave it on Wholesale Member and order the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with Purification along with 10 other awesome oils that are just as versatile, plus a diffuser!!! And if you order a Premium Starter Kit from me I will send you a Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils so you can discover all the different ways these oils will change your life! This is definitely a decision you will be happy you made.