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Save Money by Staying Healthy!


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Nobody likes being sick. And what makes it worse is that being sick isn’t cheap. Check out this post from Charlee at Humble in A Heartbeat about just how much it costs to get sick, plus a way to chart exactly how much being sick is costing your family:

The Costs of Getting Sick

Wow! For her family it costs them over $400 for one incidence of illness! Imagine that times 3 or 4 or even more times getting sick per year. It sure can add up.

She has some great ideas for keeping your family healthy. And here is another one: Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are pure, therapeutic grade, and have tons of immunity boosting properties. My family has not been sick once since we started using them. And trust me, with my husband working in a grocery store, we are exposed to plenty of germs.

The best part? The Premium Starter Kit is only $150. If it prevents your family from getting sick even once, it will more than pay for itself. Hop over to my Essential Oils page to learn more and to find out how to order. And check out the Monthly Special I have going on for the rest of October.

Healthy Living to you!

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