How to use essential oils to promote Healthy Hair

How to use Essential Oils to Promote Healthy Hair

I have heard it said that a woman’s hair is a good indicator of age. Healthy hair makes a woman appear younger, whereas dry, brittle, damaged hair makes a woman appear older. Who doesn’t want thick, shiny, lustrous, healthy hair? I know I sure do! I am only in my early 30’s, and don’t look […]

The Best Essential Oils for every Skin Type

The Best Essential Oils for Every Skin Type

Replacing your current beauty products with essential oils can be a great way to lessen the chemical load on your body. Have you ever read the ingredients in your favorite facial moisturizer or night cream? I’ll bet it consists mainly of a whole bunch of ingredients that you would be hard pressed to pronounce correctly, […]

DIY All Natural Baby Oil

DIY All Natural Baby Oil

There’s nothing quite as soft and smooth as a baby’s skin. As a mom, I want to do everything I can to protect my child’s delicate skin and keep it soft, clean, and protected. With my first few baby’s, I would bathe them every night before bed and lather on the baby oil or lotion. […]

Work From Home

Work From Home Companies: 10 Reasons Why Young Living Is The Best!

As a stay at home mom, I have often looked for ways to increase my family’s income. I tried mystery shopping. That worked out for a little while, but it became a hassle the more children I had, and ended up just not being worth the $15 I would make for each shop. I tried […]

Ask Away Friday: Blissful Snapshots

This week, I swapped questions for Ask Away Friday with Rea, who blogs over at Blissful Snapshots. She is a blogger who lives in Cebu, Philippines and enjoys photography. You won’t be disappointed! She is very interesting and her page is beautiful. When you get done here, hop over and check out the questions I […]