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Reasons I Love Cedarwood Essential Oil


Many uses for Cedarwood essential oil.

I have been enjoying linking up each week at Wellness Wednesday’s, and the prompt this week was to write about a natural remedy you swear by. While I could technically write a post about all Young Living essential oils because I love them so much, I decided to highlight just one.

Cedarwood essential oil from Young Living is one of those obscure oils that doesn’t get enough credit, in my opinion.

I never see a blog post about Cedarwood, or hear people talking about it. That needs to change, because it is such a versatile oil, and one that I would not want to be without!

I first tried Cedarwood in the second trimester of my pregnancy. I could not fall asleep, no matter what I tried, and I was turning into a big, mean, mama bear. If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy! And if mama doesn’t get sleep, she ain’t happy, believe me.

I had read a couple testimonies on the FB group, so I decided to give it a shot. I figured it wasn’t a very expensive oil anyway, so I wouldn’t be missing out on much if it didn’t work. I sure am glad I took the chance! As soon as I got it, I began applying a couple drops to the bottom of my feet right before getting into bed at night. All I remember from that night is waking up hours later (because I was pregnant and had to make a bathroom trip) and not remembering falling asleep. I was so refreshed in the morning!

I continued to use on the bottom of my feet every night as I was climbing into bed, and it worked every time! I think I was always asleep within 15 minutes of lying down, when before I would be laying in bed for hours, unable to quiet my brain and doze off. Now, if my children are very restless at night, I rub Cedarwood with Lavender on their backs to help them to relax.

I love Cedarwood so much that I always am telling people about it when they mention they are having a hard time falling asleep. I also started researching more about it, and found that Cedarwood actually has quite a few more uses.

I have seen before and after pictures (on the Facebook group) of people who have been using Cedarwood for hair growth. It is amazing! Some people add it to their shampoo, and others massage a few drops daily into the areas they want to encourage more hair growth.

Cedarwood is also good for oily skin. You can rub a few drops onto your oily spots after washing your face, or make your own face cream or make-up removing cream with it.

Cedarwood is also a great oil to increase focus during the long hours of school. It is used in a blend with Vetiver and Lavender for those children that seem to have an over abundance of energy and have difficulties sitting still for very long. Of course, putting this blend on a child with a regular energy level will probably make them go to sleep!

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