Small Town Patriotism

My husband grew up in a small town farming community in Northern California. Very small. There were only 20-something seniors in his whole graduating class! He can’t even relate to typical high-school drama when I tell him some of my stories from my high school…and I didn’t come from a very big town either, although it was much larger than his.

Every May his hometown holds a rodeo. It is a huge event, with a car show, an actual rodeo, BBQ fundraiser, and contests for the kids. The whole town participates, and even people who have moved away tend to make their way back home for the weekend. We went back this year for the rodeo and also to spend some time with family.

I have always enjoyed our visits back to my husband’s small town. He is still friends with most everyone there, and since the town is so small, everyone pretty much knows everyone else and has for much of their lives. Plus, quite a bit of his family still lives there. Walking around town, we always run into someone he knows, and I enjoy watching him catch up with people from his past.

This year I noticed something else: the patriotism.

Rodeo day begins with a parade. Everyone lines the streets and waits for the cars, floats, band, and horses to come down main street and toss out candy. Before the parade even began, a speaker with a microphone instructed everyone to stand and remove their hats while the National Anthem was sung.

As the cars and floats made their way, many had American flags. One car even had a decal that said “Legalize the Constitution.” I sure got a kick out of that!

Then again at the actual rodeo, the National Anthem was sung. But what really amazed me is that they honored the veterans, thanked them for our freedom, and then instructed everyone to cheer who was “Proud to be an American!”

I got to thinking that I shouldn’t be amazed or surprised by that. We live in America, this is our country. Our veterans fought so that we could have many of the freedoms we enjoy today and they should be honored.

Unfortunately in parts of our country, being a patriot is looked down upon. Children aren’t allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school anymore for fear of offending someone.

I was recently told of a youth group visiting our country’s capitol, Washinton DC, where they were told they couldn’t sing our National Anthem in public. Because if they allowed OUR National Anthem to be sung, they would have to allow everyone to sing their national anthem there, too.

People are being told they can’t fly the Flag of the United States on their homes or their vehicles.

And worst of all, young people think it is okay to trample on our flag and post it to social media.

We need to WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

This is our country and we should be free to show our patriotism anywhere and everywhere we want. Our citizens should have to pledge allegiance to our flag, and our children should grow up doing it in school.

Our country as a whole has become so politically correct and afraid of offending anyone that we have lost ourselves. When citizens are criminalized for love of country, something is seriously wrong.

Now I am not one to say that if you don’t like our country you should get out…because I believe that is the great thing about America. We have the freedom to feel how we want to feel, be where we want to be, and do what we want to do (as long as it is legal) without fear of repercussions. But that freedom shouldn’t be stripped away from people who love their country and only honored for those who don’t. I would never dream of going to another country and disrespecting their flag or customs. How come people are allowed to come here and do it?

I think we all need to get back that small town patriotism and remember why America is so great to begin with. Because we love our country!!!!

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  • Angie Agerter

    So true!!

  • Dr. Michelle Bengtson

    I so agree with you, We need to wake up America!