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I am pregnant right now with baby #5, and I don’t know if it is because I am older (not old, just older!) or if maybe the baby is in a weird position, but my back pain has been worse than any other pregnancy. I have started setting my kitchen timer for 10 minutes just to get stuff done around the house, and even then my back is in so much pain before the timer even runs out.

I was getting desperate, so I tried 2 things I have never done before. A prenatal support belt, as you see in the picture, and chiropractic care.

A couple weeks ago I ordered the belt, and was very excited when I received it in the mail. Immediately after I put it on I felt relief. It forced me to stand up straighter, which I know relieved much of the strain on my lower back. And the top strap that goes over the belly helped to hold it in place and up where it needed to be. The back of the belt gets wider than in the front and has boning in it, which gives it structure and makes it more supportive.

It even stays in place when I sit down. It has Velcro openings, so I can tighten it or loosen it as needed. The baby also doesn’t seem to mind. I was worried that it would restrict her movements, but it doesn’t. I prefer to wear it over my clothes, because otherwise I would have to wear a camisole so it doesn’t rub up against my skin, and that’s just not happening every day with this belly! Although I do have a couple maternity cami’s, so there are times I can wear it in a more discreet way.

I mainly just wear it around the house, because my teenager has let me know how extremely unfashionable it is to go out in public this way. I got her last week though when I went to pick her up from class a few minutes early and walked in, forgetting I had it on. The look of pure shock and embarrassment on her face was totally worth my little fashion faux pas. (Don’t worry, I quickly ducked into an open door and removed it. She is not scarred for life. Yet. I still have four more teenage years for that!)

I would highly recommend this for any pregnant lady! I would recommend going up a size if you are unsure, especially if it is earlier in your pregnancy, so you have room to grow. I was right between two sizes and am very happy I chose the bigger one.

I also just finished 2 weeks worth of chiropractic care. I have never been to a chiropractor before this, so I was a little nervous and hesitant. I got my midwife to recommend a good, local chiropractor and made the appointment. When I went in, the first thing he did was check my posture and the curve of my spine with some weird bar and rope thing. I think they would normally do an x-ray on an initial appointment, but that was way out of the question due to the bun baking in my oven.

Turns out my spine was off more than an inch around my neck and shoulders, and an inch the other way down by my hips. Imagine an s-shaped curve, just not as dramatic as an s. Makes sense since I have not had the best posture since I was a tall teenager who was always trying to make myself appear shorter than I actually was. (Girls! Don’t do this! Be proud of your height. A girl who stands tall is much more appealing than a girl who hunches over. Even if she stand a head taller than anyone else in the room.)

After deciding where the adjustments needed to happen, I lied down sideways on the table and he made some adjustments that caused me to pop more than hot corn. I felt better right away, but he warned I might have some pain that evening, just as you would the first time after you started a new exercise routine. And boy did I! But it was nothing an ice-pack couldn’t help. Plus, the next day I felt so much better, and had more energy. As a bonus, I noticed my baby started moving around more. I was getting worried because her movements had decreased recently, but apparently she just needed the chiropractor to free up some extra space in there for her. Like a womb remodel. Ha!

The chiropractor scheduled me to come back 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks. It seemed like a lot at first, but I am glad I stuck with it. I’m now going once a week for the rest of my pregnancy, and then plan to go after the birth to get straightened out again. My back still hurts at times, but it is nothing like it was before the support belt and the chiropractor. I also started applying Valor to my back before my appointments, and I never had any more pain like after the first time. I would also highly recommend chiropractic care during pregnancy. It has made a tremendous difference!

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  • Theresa Beauteeful Living

    I feel your pain. I’m glad the back brace & your recent visits to the chiropractor is helping. You’re almost at the finish line :)

  • Shauna Lynn

    That sounds amazing! I’ve never been pregnant but I can not imagine the pain you have in your back, let alone everywhere else. I’m glad you found something to help a little.

  • MelissaSayWhat

    First of all, let me just say that I love reading your posts. They keep me engaged. It’s obvious because I’m not pregnant. Sadly, I cannot be until I can fund a reversal of a surgery, but still I feel so connected to you in hopes that one day me and my love will be able to add to our family.

    At any rate, If I get my dream, I will check this out for back pain. Until then, I will share this with anyone I know who is pregnant, because it seems to be very helpful!!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Thank you very much. I hope you are able to add to your family. Children are a blessing. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.