Diagnosed with a Wheat Allergy

My 15-year-old daughter just got diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Although she is definitely bummed about having to change her eating habits, I am relieved to have finally found a solution to her problems. Let me give you a little bit of back-story: I have been taking her to the doctors for years. The first time […]

Purity and High School Sweethearts

Purity. This is a word I had absolutely no concept of 5 years ago–at least not when it came to a lifestyle choice. And then we started going to church and my oldest daughter and her friends started vowing their purity to God and their future husbands. Although it was a completely foreign concept to […]

Small Town Patriotism

My husband grew up in a small town farming community in Northern California. Very small. There were only 20-something seniors in his whole graduating class! He can’t even relate to typical high-school drama when I tell him some of my stories from my high school…and I didn’t come from a very big town either, although […]

May Printable Bible Verses

This month has flown by so far. I know I am late in getting May’s Bible verses up, but I hope that you will still take the time to print them out and put them up around your house. I love seeing scripture in my house, and I find that hanging these verses in places […]

They’ll Grow Up Soon Enough

We’re in the parking lot of the grocery store. The baby is screaming her head off because she wants to get out of her carseat. I’m trying to hurry, but my other children are taking forever to get into the car and get buckled. I’m trying to keep my cool but I’ve already repeated myself one […]


I love Emily Dickinson. She was such a great poet! I hope you all have an uplifting week. Never stop singing!

DIY All Natural Baby Oil

There’s nothing quite as soft and smooth as a baby’s skin. As a mom, I want to do everything I can to protect my child’s delicate skin and keep it soft, clean, and protected. With my first few baby’s, I would bathe them every night before bed and lather on the baby oil or lotion. […]

What An ER Visit Taught Me About Cherishing My Children

“These kids are driving me crazy!” If you are a mom, and unless you are Mother Theresa, I’m sure you’ve uttered (or screamed) these words out of frustration before. I know I have. Many times, in varying tones of voice. The fighting, the messes, the mealtimes, the questions. It gets to me sometimes. The never […]

A Day In Sutter’s Fort

I’ve often thought of what it would have been like to live in another time. Especially back when pioneers were making their way across America, heading west for the promise of gold and a better life. To feel the spirit of adventure and excitement while loading up a covered wagon to head into the unknown. […]

5 Things to Never Do At A Youth Sporting Event

Recently, while watching my 10-year-old’s softball game, I found myself in a situation that I think most parents can relate to. The team’s were evenly matched and it was a high scoring, high action game. My daughter was playing catcher, and after an inning when she had let a couple runs in by throwing the […]