I Can’t Do It Alone

This pregnancy has been hard on me. I have been more tired than I remember with my other ones, and while I found out a reason and a solution to the physical exhaustion, I have allowed that to make me spiritually exhausted as well. I’ve thought things I shouldn’t think. And allowed myself to go […]

How to Use Purification Essential Oil

Purification blend from Young Living is one of my favorite and most versatile oils. In fact, this was the first oil I ran out of when I got my Premium Starter Kit. It just has so many uses! Cleansing, sanitizing, and health maintenance, to name a few. In this post I am going to let […]

How I Created A Picky Eater

Having 4 kids, with one on the way, I can tell you about plenty of eating experiences I’ve had with my children and their often picky palettes. Most children will go through a phase of pickiness, and there are some foods that certain kids just don’t like. Really, I can’t blame them for the most […]

Letting Jesus Calm the Storm

“Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.” -1 Peter 5:7 I just got back from a road trip to visit my husband’s mom. Before we left, I made my husband promise me that either him or I would drive, and not his older brother who was also taking the trip with […]

Book review and giveaway!

This week I am giving away this great resource for training character into your young children. This book, Crossroads of Character,  will show children how to make wise choices when presented with real life situations. Each character trait is accompanied by a brief description, a Bible verse, and a short story of young children displaying […]

Miscarriage and Why I’m Choosing a Home Birth-Part 2

A week ago I wrote a post about some of the reasons I am choosing to have a home birth this time around. You can check it out here if you missed it. In that post, I gave some background of my previous births and four reasons why I am choosing to to give birth […]

3rd Trimester Exhaustion

I am barely into my third trimester, as of last week. And yet for weeks now I have been feeling run down and sluggish, with absolutely NO energy! I wasn’t expecting the exhaustion so early. In my previous pregnancies I have been good to go until about the last month. My energetic 2nd trimester was […]

Are You Truly Helping?

I once heard it said that you aren’t truly helping someone unless it is an inconvenience for you. At first that sounded so ridiculous to me. Why can’t I be helping someone if I benefit from it as well? It just didn’t make sense. But the more I think about that statement, the more it […]

Reasons I’m Choosing a Home Birth-Part 1

First, let me give you some background. This will be my fifth baby. My previous 4 were all born in hospitals, the last 3 were actually born in the same room at our local hospital. While none of my experiences have been downright horrible, only one, my second birth, was actually a really good experience. […]