Healthy, Crunchy, or Just Plain Crazy?

Healthy, Crunchy, or just plain Crazy

A few days ago I saw an article that really got me fired up. Apparently, the government now wants to label people who take care of their health as having a mental disorder. They’ve even come up with a scientific sounding diagnosis, Orthorexia nervosa. It seems that if you are overly concerned with the pureness of your food, and how it affects your health, you might be crazy. While I do believe that anything taken to obsessive limits could be damaging for your mental health, this just reeks of corruptness.

Let’s go ahead and unpack this theory. What is pure food? In my mind, pure is anything that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, and not altered in any way. The use of pesticides would therefore make something “impure.” Genetic modification (GMO’s) would also take away the pure label. This is why in order for something to be labeled “organic” it cannot be grown with the use of pesticides, nor be genetically modified. Foods chock full of preservatives are definitely not pure-sorry fast food!

I think we can all agree that chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives are not good for your health. I honestly didn’t think about this stuff much in my younger days, but now with a family to look after, I do worry about what we are putting into our bodies on a daily basis. I have even been on the fence about GMO’s, but the fact is, we don’t know what the outcome of all this genetic modification is-we are currently the guinea pigs! Our children are test subjects. And now, the powers that be want to label healthy eating as a mental disorder?

I think most people know that Monsanto is the leader of the GMO movement. They are paving the way with genetically modified produce. Straight from their laboratory to your kitchen table. It is funny to me that a chemical company is even allowed to mess with our food. (In case you didn’t know, Monsanto is the company responsible for bringing the world Agent Orange and RoundUp.) Of course, they now label themselves as a “sustainable agricultural company.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a company whose products have caused respiratory illness and cancer handling my food. Especially since at the time Agent Orange was being used, it was touted as safe. Now, years later, millions are dealing with the fallout. Will history repeat itself with GMO’s?

The problem, of course, is that Monsanto is a GIANT! With President Obama signing the Monsanto Protection Act , they are basically above the law. The federal courts have no power over them, even if it is later found that genetically modifying our food comes with some gnarly consequences. All the money they need at their disposal with no repercussions-what could possible go wrong? Of course they don’t want people to wise up and jump off their bandwagon. They have too much to lose!

This past summer, I took my children to the tomato festival in town. There were all sorts of fun tomato and salsa tasting contests, and we went around from booth to booth participating in them all. We got over to the big Monsanto booth, where they were also holding a taste test. We got in line, and right as I was about to taste my first tomato, one of their workers stopped me and said I couldn’t participate…because I was pregnant. This did not make sense to me at all-tomatoes are good for you, right? None of the other booths had a problem with me tasting their produce. So I started questioning why I couldn’t, and they had to call their manager or person in charge over, who explained to me that their legal team advised them against allowing pregnant women to taste their tomatoes. HUGE red flag! I still don’t have an answer as to what exactly they are afraid of. And how come I couldn’t taste their Frankenstein tomatoes there but I can buy them in the grocery store????

We live in a free country, founded on individual liberty. The government shouldn’t be able to tell anyone how to live or how to raise their family. And because of this, they are trying to marginalize and stigmatize those that don’t buy into their propaganda by labeling them as having a mental disorder. Before you start thinking that I’m way off base here and that isn’t what is going on-consider this: It isn’t the first time in history that those that go against the status quo have been called crazy.

In the Victorian Era, “women could find themselves labelled insane and locked up in madhouses for a range of conditions – from postnatal depression to alcoholism or senile dementia, and even for social transgressions such as infidelity (‘moral insanity’).” (source) Even more recently, in the early 20th century (between 1910 and 1920) many suffragettes were jailed, locked up, beaten, force fed-all because they wanted the right to vote. They dared to go against those in control and the norm for those days that said that women were second class citizens. Women speaking their mind was considered a mental disorder! Women weren’t allowed to have opinions-or at least not express them publicly. All of you women bloggers, all of you women sharing your opinions with the world on a daily basis via social media, should be so thankful for what these women went through. It’s because of them we all aren’t sitting in a mental hospital right now. Because they weren’t afraid to take a stand against something they knew was wrong!

Without them standing up to the GIANTS of their day, it wouldn’t matter if we thought Christian Gray is sexy or sinful, or if vaccines are necessary or evil, or if yoga pants are comfortable or too revealing. It wouldn’t matter because we wouldn’t be allowed to have opinions. Now they are trying to take away our right to make sure our families are healthy, or at least belittle those that make choices against what they say is safe and right. (This could also be applied to the vaccine controversy, but I’m not going to go there!) If you’re interested, you might also want to check out this article about how the mental health industry creates disease.


I would like to hear what you think. Do you think choosing only pure and healthy food for your family should be considered a mental disorder? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

Should eating healthy be considered a mental disorder?

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  • Darlena

    Crazy — NO! I think we all need to do a better job of examining where our food comes from and what is truly in it. I try to watch what I buy, sometimes it’s hard to do. It’s sad that when you ask young children where a tomato comes from they say the store. They have no idea where they actually “come from”. Informed decisions are important. Radical responses cloud the picture. Michelle Obama is now trying to ban pizza and hamburgers. I prepared properly, they can be healthy. With many kids, having limited food, some food is better than nothing.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I absolutely agree-hamburgers and pizza can be healthy, especially when made at home without all the preservatives. Especially if you put veggies on them.

      It is so sad that children don’t know where food comes from now. I am planning to plant a small garden next month with my kids so they can learn, and feel the satisfaction of eating food that they have planted, grown, and harvested.

  • Mary from YourDesignerDog

    The government is the one that’s crazy if they think it’s wrong to try and make healthy choices for yourself and your family. And I can’t believe you weren’t allowed to try a tomato due to legal restrictions! I think that story alone would make up the minds of a lot of people on the subject of GMO foods. I know I’ll think twice now before I bite into anything I know is GMO.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I know! I was so taken aback. I walked away so confused, and the full impact of it didn’t hit me until later. What are they hiding, I’m wondering now.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  • Shauna Lynn

    They are trying to sweep the fact that they are in cohoots with the big uglies, like monsato, under the rug by telling us we are crazy. By doing so they are blaming the people, instead of being FOR the people. So frustrating. I did a speech in college about GMOs and it opened my eyes, WIDE. I’m not real particular about my foods, and I know I should be, but my biggest issue is eating healthier vs the cost and learning how to work with it. During Farmers market season I do so much better, but the winter is horrible.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes, it is a shame that healthy food is so much more expensive. I also am guilty of not always buying the best food I can…sometimes with a family of 7, other expenses come up so I cut corners on the grocery shopping to get plenty of food on the table. But I think that even being aware and choosing healthier options when you can goes a long way. I also love Farmer’s Markets! We have a huge one in the next town over that we try to get to regularly in the spring and summer. Fresh produce just tastes so much better, too!

  • The Happiness Blogger

    I’m not surprised by this. Big business is losing out on money…. I have met a few people who I thought were a little too restrictive in their diets until I started getting rashes and other undesirable health issues from eating certain foods. Now, I totally understand why someone would want to be diligent about eating pure and healthy food.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes! I started looking into all this almost a year ago, when my then 2 year old daughter came down with horrible eczema. None of my other kids have it, so it was so weird. I narrowed it down to processed meat that causes it, especially hotdogs. Which are far from healthy, anyways. I know so many people that have that same struggle, plus I believe a lot of behavioral problems can be traced back to the sugars and chemicals in foods, too. Our bodies weren’t made to process all these chemicals, so it’s only logical that they are causing health problems.

  • jendan515

    You know they have to put a label on EVERYTHING nowadays. Everything has to have a name. It is ridiculous. I think if you’re choosing only healthy foods for your family, there’s nothing wrong with that. I need to start doing that!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Yep, everything has to have a label, especially if it goes against big business.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  • Lisa Healy

    Whoa, I can’t believe your tomato/Monsanto story! That’s crazy! And yes, it’s extremely bothersome that the government is getting involved in matters like this. We’ve made several uncommon decisions for what’s best for our family that go against norm, so I’ve already felt labeled crazy by others…

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      It seems like nowadays every one wants to judge what they think is best for your family. In reality it’s your family and you’re the only one who is equipped to make the right decisions for them! I totally know how you feel. Even many extended family members criticize and label us for choices we’ve made. It’s hard sometimes but ultimately we have to do what’s right for us. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Wow. Unreal.

    This is so disturbing and the world keeps on tilting in this direction.

    We should be able to make decisions without being labelled – that’s just infuriating. It’s funny I was just thinking about “labels” today and mentally constructing a blog post of my own. I don’t see why we must label everything and everyone.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I look forward to reading that post! I’m so tired of everything having a label as well.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  • Gloria

    You’re completely right! I thought the same thing when I heard about “the new eating disorder.” They just want to marginalize those of us who want to think for ourselves and not go along with their lies. People think the same thing, or similar, about natural childbirth, “Are you crazy?” Maybe that will be the next disorder.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Haha! Then I’m going to be racking up the psychological disorders! I’ve had 3 of my 5 children with no pain meds, and the last one I had at home. It’s funny when I tell people that, they smile and say how cool it is, but often their eyes are telling a different story.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Come back again sometime.

  • Miranda Gonzalez

    Thank you so much for your insight! And I do totally agree that just about everything will kill you in the end 😉
    You are right as well about pluots, I hadn’t considered those. Although, are those a result of splicing plants together or actually altering the seeds? I will have to look into that. For most of history, farmers have been splicing together different plants and vines (hence the vast selection of wines and citrus fruits), but in my mind that falls into a different category than GMO’s. Am I correct in separating them? I don’t know. But I do know one is done in the fields while one is done in a laboratory.
    And I don’t know if this seemed like this was a post against farming…if it was, that was absolutely not my intention. I applaud farmers and support small local farms whenever possible. It was, on the other hand, a post about the ridiculous practice of having to label everything as bad, and against corporations and government thinking they are above the law and being shady.
    Again, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate your opinion and hope to see you around here again!

  • Miranda Gonzalez

    Yes, unfortunately it seems that our rights in America are getting fewer by the day. At least we still have a right to eat what we want, regardless of whether it is considered sane or not!

  • Cheryl

    Wow! Your story about the tomatoes at the Monsanto booth is crazy. . And NO, choosing healthy food for your family does not make it a mental disorder. Crazy to even think so! Thanks for the enlightening post!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      No problem, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kemya Scott

    A mental disorder? Are you kidding me?! No it’s not a mental disorder to care about what you put into your body. That’s called being an informed consumer who cherishes the only body she gets in this life. It’s so sad that we still have to be labeled as crazy for asking questions and using our brains! Thank you for shedding light on this subject:)

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Unfortunately, informed consumers are bad for business! Much better if we’re all mindless sheep that take everything at face value without questioning.

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Hope to see you around again.

  • Petula

    This is very interesting and informative information. Thank you for sharing this. I try to make sure the food I and my children consume the healthiest food possible… It’s unfortunate that they’re wasting money on research to prove those who are conscientious about their health are suffering a metal disorder.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Seriously. There are so many more pressing problems that would be a much better use of time and money to try to figure out.

  • Katy Papenfuss Gibbs

    Oh my gosh that is terrifying that they wouldn’t let you try it because you were pregnant! Are they going to label them in the store – not safe for pregnant people or just let them have at it?! This is absurd and ridiculous and I hate that the government is allowing it to continue! I’m not a super organic person, I like my veggies and fruits unmodified and I wash them thoroughly (and I’m a huge advocate for vaccines). I do know I should do some more research on Monsanto and the produce available from them – and definitely not buy it!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      So far I’ve never seen a warning label on produce in the grocery store. How scary would that be, though?

  • Theresa

    That tomato-tasting booth story is really alarming. It is so scary what is allowed to be sold to consumers, in general. Nice job with this post, Miranda.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Thank you very much.
      I’m glad you liked it.

  • aprilaakre

    This is a very thought provoking post. You should be able to feed your family whatever type of food you want. I can’t believe mental state would even come into play for that.

  • Karren Haller

    Hi Miranda, I can see your experience, your article has struck a nerve with some of your readers. I just want you to know that my husband for “his company” has done a lot of research on Monsanto, that what they are doing “will have an effect on generations to come”!

    Im not a doctor or scientist, but what I am about to share comes from documented information.

    I read in one of the comments that yes Monsanto has their farms where they are growing fruits and vegetables, but did you know that the genetically modified seeds they create and they are using can effect any farm around them through pollination from bees from one farm to another?

    And the scientific testing has proven that chemically modified seeds and grown fruits and vegetables will cause autism?

    Did you know that Monsanto is trying to control the seed industry so that farmers have to buy them every year?

    And did you know that if you were to save a seed from a genetically modified plant that it would not grow? (Farmers used to save seed for replanting) Now they are trying to force them to buy from Monsanto. They are trying to put those farmers out of business.

    I could continue, but will refrain and step down off my soap box, but if you would like verified information I would be happy to send it to anyone. If you are interested on Gmo’s there is a YouTube video called “Seeds of Death” its an hour and half long. Message me at karrenh (@) You can also search Seeds Of Death on Facebook.

    Thanks for sharing your story, it brings awareness to many readers about GMO’s, we do need to be aware of where our foods come from.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Wow! Thank you so much for commenting! I did not know all that stuff, I guess you could say I just started researching the tip of the iceberg…This is all very interesting.

      I had never thought about the fact that there would be cross-pollination between gmo and organic plants. That is a very scary thought. At the Monsanto plant here in town, their plants are all grown under covered green houses, but I’m sure not all farmers buying their seeds take the same precautions.

      I will definitely be watching that video. I am glad you shared it here as I’m sure many others would be interested in it as well.

      I’m thankful you stopped by and shared this info. I hope to see you around again soon!

  • Miranda Gonzalez

    Seriously! Really makes you wonder….

  • Aliaksandra

    Are you kidding me? It really makes me furious just hearing that there is a possibility for a government to legally label me as a mentally ill person because I am not buying the poison they want me to eat. And the tomato-tasting story is really scary..

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Isn’t it?
      This whole gmo thing has gotten way out of control, if you ask me!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope to see you around again soon!

  • rm29303

    I loved this post! I had never heard of this company before but it sounds really scary. I trh to grow most of my own vegetables or go to the farmers markets so I guess I’m insaane as well!

  • April Grant

    No… of course I don’t think you should be labeled as neurotic because you like healthy or pure food. The government acts like they don’t have real problems on their hands. On the bright side, you could actually mandate pure foods to be your “medicine” thus putting Monsanto out of business if enough people get the diagnosis.

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Haha I never thought of it in that way. “Why yes, I am crazy. Please give me some more healthy food to cure me!” Lol.
      And you are so right. There are so many legitimate problems out there they should be focused on, instead of people wanting to know what they are putting into their bodies.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Terri Presser

    Miranda, this is a great post, we (my husband and I) have sat back here in Australia watching what has been happening in your part of the world concerning Monsanto and it really makes us wonder where it is all going to end. I think that we should be able to make our own decisions based on our own research and that we shouldn’t be blinded by attractive advertising. I also think we should be able to make our decisions without any Government authority telling us what is best. Thanks for sharing this eye opening and thought provoking post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      You are right.

      Are there no GMO’s in Australia?

      I may have to move 😉

      • Terri Presser

        I asked my husband this morning and our canola that is the crops farmers grow of canola are genetically modified, so it has already come to Australia, but you are still welcome to move here 😉

  • Becky @ vintagebeckym

    Wonderful post. We all should be concerned when people who love and care for their family’s well-being as labeled mentally ill. I feel on some things we are moving backwards instead of forward. Thank you for sharing this thought provoking post. Have a Fabulous Day!!

  • Amy Jung

    I’ve got so many concerns about the big bad M. Thanks for shedding light on more issues. Ugh.

  • Holly

    Wow! I don’t think wanting to eat healthy constitutes a mental health issue. There are enough truly serious mental and physical health conditions out there that require more attention! Thank you for the information! I agree that the GMO issue scares me a little… I know there are some of us that wonder if this is the cause of many of the food allergies and dietary intolerances there are these days…

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I do think that GMO’s and pesticides most definitely are contributing to some of the health problems we are seeing today.

      Unfortunately, it will probably be years before the research catches up and sheds light on that fact.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Liz Brzezinski

    Yikes, wouldn’t let you try the tomatoes because you were pregnant… that’s what’s crazy – if it isn’t safe for momma, is it safe for anyone? We are in the process of trying to change our eating habits, eating less processed foods and more organic. Never thought someone, let alone the government, would call me crazy for that… The one thing I wrestle with in this switch is the GMOs. Obviously things with added hormones and such are clearly not good, but what about things like seedless grapes and watermelon? I love not having to seed the grapes for the kids…

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I have gone back and forth on the GMO issue as well, so I totally understand.

      A question that I ask myself about fruit is if it was modified in a laboratory or on a farm. Farmers have been “modifying” food for centuries by splicing plants and vines together…I believe that in that case, it is okay because it is still natural. It’s when they start messing with DNA and genetics in a laboratory that worries me.

      Thanks so much for your input! Good luck in your journey of choosing what is right for you and your family.

  • Miranda Gonzalez

    That’s awesome! We should totally be sharing our knowledge with those we know.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Noemi

    I think, everyone should have the chance to choose what to eat. And we also shoud know what modification has the product gone through.
    Loved your post!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I agree. They should have to make the consumer fully aware, so that we can make educated choices. Great point!

  • Bryant Hall

    Miranda, great post! I believe we should be able to eat anything we choose to eat. However, I do believe we need knowledge of what we are eating. This is an important discussion and it affects everyone. Thanks for shining light on a issue that needs to be discussed more frequently.

  • Cheryl Long

    We came to the conclusion long ago that the less man touches it, the better. We have a tendency to take a healthy substance and turn it into nutrition-depleted non-food matter. Many in my family suffer from health issues directly related to GMOs (specifically CORN). It has wreaked havoc on our digestive systems and once we figured out the problem, I guard my home against it. Mental disorder? Of course they want to label it that way in order to normalize their experimentation on us. We choose health. Visiting you today from Unite!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I love how you put that-“in order to normalize their experimentation on us.” Exactly what I was trying to say, but your words sound so much more eloquent.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Suzanna Davies

    Taking care of your family and making informed decisions about your food should never be considered crazy! Wouldn’t mothers who had no regard for their family or what they are consuming be considered bad mothers?

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes, one would think so. Unfortunately we live in an age where good is labeled as bad, and bad is called good.

  • Amy Lou

    All that I can say to this is WOW! I can NOT believe that they would not let you eat their tomatoes because you were pregnant! That is a HUGE red flag! I’ve been struggling with deciding just how in depth I want to go with trying to eat healthier and so the GMO thing was a big factor to consider. Needless to say, knowing that they didn’t want a pregnant woman to eat their food is enough information to help me make my decision! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I’m glad you found it insightful!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and good luck on your journey into healthier eating.

  • Dawn

    Anything that the government wants to label can get me fired up. I am grateful to have the freedom to choose what is best for my family. The stress we can cause ourselves about choosing the right food, getting enough exercise, etc. ect. That can be much more harmful to our health.

  • sibylla22

    Wow! I had no idea all of this was going on, thanks for the heads up! I think it’s crazy that the government is trying to a label to a genuine concern such as healthy eating.

  • Deborah Davis

    Propaganda and witch hunts have been used to control us for centuries and those in power have railed against dissenters or those who don’t agree–using their bottomless financial and political resources to control. I refuse to allow Monsanto to control what I eat or feed my family. I buy organic food in order to avoid GMOs. I applaud the fact that you raised your voice as concerned citizen, mother and blogger. We have the power to fight for what’s right for us, if we use it. The fact that “the government” or ‘giant corporate superpowers’ now want to label people who take care of their health as having a mental disorder and even come up with a scientific sounding diagnosis, Orthorexia nervosa is so ridiculous! I am very concerned with the pureness of our food, and how it affects our health, so call me crazy!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      Thank you for commenting! It is so hard to get away from all the propaganda and to see the truth through it all.
      I think that’s why it’s so important to demand facts from corporations and government, even though it can be hard to get them nowadays.

  • EssentiallyReady

    I try to live my life as holistically as possible and it scares me that I could be considered unfit for doing so. I try to lay low as to not ruffle feathers, but whenever someone gets me going on Monsanto or GMO’s I can get a little rude. I love this, the best way to wake people up is get the information out there and eventually it will make its mark.

  • Dee Dee

    It is important to take your health into your own hands. You are ultimately the only one that can control when and what you eat. Thanks for sharing.

  • DeBalino

    This is such an interesting article (and omg not being able to taste test the tomatoes while pregnant??? YIKES!!!). I think because people who choose a lifestyle that is completely pure are few in the big world, others see it as “different” and it doesn’t surprise me that it would be considered to be a mental disorder! I think if there’s anything that’s crazy – it’s THAT! Kudos to people wanting to take care of their bodies and extending it to their family. It takes a LOT of discipline and self control to eat clean, and the motivation behind it, for the most part, is long term – not just a diet fad. How come yo-yo dieters (which I’m sure is the majority of the world) aren’t considered having a mental disorder? Yo-yo dieting (which I’m TOTALLY guilty of) is so inconsistent and in so many ways confusing and… well… crazy! These labels make no sense to me. Great post!

  • Romanescu Laura Sinziana

    Very great and interesting article! Thank you for sharing with us at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party!

  • Kelly Ninyette

    I am also concerned about the exact reason why their legal team recommended pregnant women not eat their tomatoes. I wonder if the same warning is displayed in the supermarket? As for having a mental disorder for wanting to eat healthy, I think that is probably a decoy to avoid the real issue here. Why are Governments all around the world permitting certain chemicals to be used on the food we eat? And they think we are the crazy ones? O.o Thanks for linking up at Mum-bo Monday!

    • Miranda Gonzalez

      I know the supermarkets around here carry their produce and I’ve never seen a warning label on it.

      • Kelly Ninyette

        That is definitely sounding alarm bells!!

    • Kelly Ninyette

      PS) Congratulations, this post received the most clicks and will be featured at Mum-bo Monday this week!

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