God Blessed Our Broken Road

God Blessed Our Broken Road

My husband and I both moved here in the same month, January of 2004. Although neither one of us grew up here, both our parents had moved here and we were coming home. He from a life of partying too much at college, me from a life of addiction on the street. Neither of us knew it yet, but there was hope at the end of our broken road. That move would eventually change our lives forever.

He began working full time at his parent’s pizza shop. I got a job at the Long John Silver’s just a few blocks away. Thankfully that didn’t last long. One of the managers made highly inappropriate passes at me, and when I refused, he found a reason to fire me. I was glad to be away from that, but worried about being out of a job.

For the next few weeks, I walked all over town putting in applications and going to interviews, but didn’t get hired anywhere. Finally, as a last resort, I walked into the shopping center a few blocks from where I was living at my mom’s house. The very last stop was a little family owned pizza place. My husband’s brother ended up hiring me on the spot, and I came back the next day to start my new job.

Turns out that the brother that hired me was hardly there, so that left my training to the younger brother that had just come home from college. I would like to say that it was love at first sight–but really, he liked to tease me because of the outfit I wore on my first day of work. I wore black slacks, like I had at every other job I had ever had. Apparently that was hilarious, as everyone else was wearing jeans. (I still haven’t lived that one down!)

The pizza place was connected to a sandwich shop, which they also owned. I ended up working mainly in the sandwich shop, but that didn’t stop my future husband and I from getting to know each other. He would come next door a few times a day to get soda and we would often eat together during the slow times. On my days off I would put my 3-year-old daughter in her stroller and we would walk over for bread sticks and wings.

After about a month and a half, we hung out for the first time. We ended up playing cards all night in his garage with his cousin. A couple weeks later he asked me to go to Oakland with him to drop his uncle off at the airport, and after that we were pretty much inseparable.

I’d like to say that from there we lived happily ever after-but it didn’t quite go like that. Our broken road wasn’t quite repaired yet.

Remember where we just were a few months before-he the life of the party and me an addict. We just kind of joined forces and the next few years were a blur. I’m not going to get into too many details, but needless to say we didn’t sleep much on the weekends. Somehow in all this he got me to enroll in the junior college in town where I would later graduate from and transfer to university.

We ended up breaking up a couple times-once for as long as 6 months. We got back together, and I ended up pregnant with our first son a few months later. In 2008 we became parents, and our paths were woven together for life. A year and a half later we had our second baby-a little girl. Now with my oldest daughter we were a family of 5.

Even though we had kids and were living together, we weren’t married. We fought often. My oldest asked about church and God frequently, and we always said we would go to church, but could never agree on which one to go to, so we never did.

When our youngest was about 4 months old, one of my husband’s co-workers invited us to their church. Since we had been talking about going somewhere for a while, he accepted and that next Sunday we showed up. I don’t remember any of the message except the last part where the preacher asked if we died today, do we know if we would go to Heaven? We both ended up going to the back room, where we prayed and accepted Jesus into our hearts.

I remember thinking that if only the man showing us the Bible knew all I had done in my life, he wouldn’t have let me pray. There is no way that Jesus would want to come into my heart after all I had done. But the Bible was clear. Jesus died to pay for all our sins-He already knew everything I was ever going to do and He still died for me. Our oldest daughter also ended up accepting Jesus that day in her Sunday School class.

Later that year, in November of 2010, my husband and I finally got married and made our relationship official. We now have 5 kids and are doing our best to raise them for Jesus. Are we perfect? Absolutely not! We fail daily. But we now have God to help us through our rough times.

Every time I tell people how we met, I can’t help but see God’s hand in it. We both were running from lives of destruction, and ended up moving to the same town in the same month, and meeting a couple months later and getting together very soon after. If we hadn’t messed our lives up so bad, we wouldn’t have needed God to fix it, and may have turned away His help unknowingly. But He uses broken people and broken lives all the time. I’m so thankful He chose to fix our broken road.

Do you have a story of how God has worked in your life? Or have you overcome any difficulties? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

  • http://www.maryanderingcreatively.com/ Mary Hill

    I am glad you both decided to go to church and accept Jesus. Your lives are not perfect, but you are on track for great things. I will pray for you both. You didn’t buy any chance go to an independent Baptist church. My pastor asks that same question at the end of each service. 🙂

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes Mary, it was an independent Baptist church we ended up at 🙂 and I’m so thankful for a pastor and church that preaches the Bible. It is still the church we are in 5 years later.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

  • Myriam

    What a beautiful story and to God be the glory. He orchestrated it all as He ordered your steps. I love that you both accepted Christ together – only God! I am sure your story is still being written as God mend the broken places.
    How great is our God! – makes me want to sing the song.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      I had never really thought about how great it was that we accepted Christ together but you are so right. Thank you so much for making me realize how blessed we are. I know of so many couples where one gets saved and the other doesn’t for many years, but God allowed us to begin our journey with Him at the same time. He is an awesome God!

  • Heather Caudill

    Praise the Lord for your amazing God story! I love hearing about how God moves in others lives and how he will continue to move! I can’t wait to read more of your story.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Thank you so much!

  • http://angiesangle.com Angie Agerter

    I love this story!!
    And to me there is NOTHING or NOONE in life that is perfect, there is just no thing. Good for you on working and blending and do everything right. I believe in a higher power, but I wouldn’t say its God – its just a being to me. No real term. Beautiful story *hugs*

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Thank you. And I will pray for you. Only because I have come to think of you as my blogging friend, and I know how much my life changed for the better when I came to know God as my Higher Power. 🙂

  • Lisa Tanner

    What a great story, thanks for sharing!

    God also worked marvelously in my life–we had our first daughter our senior year of high school, and then my boyfriend enlisted to help pay for everything. Once he left, everyone said we’d never make it, but praise the Lord they were wrong.

    We’ve been married for 12 years now, and have seven kids. God can do wonders!

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Praise the Lord, what an amazing testimony! I love when God turns the impossible possible for His glory!

  • Stacy

    They say hindsight is 20/20. I love when we can look back and have enough wisdom to see that God was guiding our steps the whole way. I can’t tell you how many times God has intervened in mine and my husband’s lives.
    I’ll share one instance that still gives me goosebumps: a few years ago, I was rushing out the door to get to a meeting. I put my keys in the same spot by our bookshelf every day, but they were nowhere to be found. I dug to the bottom of my purse. I checked kitchen counters. I looked everywhere. I had my teenager and husband look with me. Those keys were nowhere to be found! Of course, all three of us checked that darn bookshelf first. In a last ditch attempt, I went and double-checked the bookshelf and there they were. I promise you they had not been there five minutes before when my son, my husband, and I all three separately checked there. It was crazy. I finally set out for my destination, thankfully only delayed by about ten minutes. About halfway there, I got stuck in a bit of traffic caused by a wreck that had happened only minutes before. Thankfully, everyone was safe, but I couldn’t help but think that if I had left on time, that would’ve been me. That would’ve been my car in that head-on wreck and it might not have had the same outcome. Thank you God for taking those keys!

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes! God was definitely looking out for you that day. What a blessing to be able to see the hand of God at work in your life, and to know that He kept you safe.

  • Brittney Minor

    I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we can see why things are happening in the moment, but others things we only realize after the fact. I love your story and I know that God puts people in our lives at just the right time.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes, it was definitely God that brought us together and worked out all the details perfectly. I love being able to look back and see Him at work!

  • Leilani Smith

    Oddly enough mine and my husband’s journey started with God things. We were big into church. We’ve since left the church and are happier people. All relationships are such a journey.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes you are so right that all relationships are such a journey and I am sure that many people have similar stories.

      I am sorry for whatever happened that made you leave church. I have heard of many other people say similar things. Even though the church is God’s, it is run by people who are not perfect and sometimes the enemy is able to destroy them. I hope that one day you will be able to get back in church, because we find so much fulfillment there and it really does help us to stay on track and stay close to God. Blessings to you!

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  • shelah moss

    This is a wonderful story of hope and redemption. It is inspiring that you and your husband found your happy ending through making a spiritual commitment together.

  • aprilaakre

    such a neat story on how you guys met and your journey. Have a great day

  • http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/commonsensechristianity/ Carolyn Henderson

    What a lovely story! It’s amazing how this little decision leads to that, or this particular circumstance nudges us into a particular action. May you and your beautiful family be blessed in the love and acceptance of one another!

  • Jen

    Beautiful story of faith, love, family and commitment. We all have “broken roads”, it takes courage to realize we need the help of God to heal and move forward. May God continue to bless your family.

  • http://velvet-rose.net/welcome.php Julie S.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely story and your journey 🙂

  • http://www.lorischumaker.com Lori Schumaker

    I am so glad He fixed your broken road! What a beautiful testimony! I will be praying for you and your family. You are doing a mighty work in pointing others to Jesus so I know the enemy will not want you to succeed. But I am claiming in the name of Jesus, that your life will continue to be a testimony to the love, power, and healing available in Him!
    Blessings and smiles,

  • http://syncopatedmama.com/ Lisa Healy

    I love your blog name! It was great to read your story – always so comforting to see God at work here in the world! Thanks for sharing your story with us all!

  • Margaret Berns

    First, I love the title of your blog! Even more than that, I love how you and your husband fell in love…and that you’re falling in love all over–with each other and with God. ♥

    He’s SO got this, doesn’t He?

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      He sure does!

  • Shannon Arce

    That’s great that you have found the road to being the best you and the best parents you can be. No one is perfect 🙂 Good luck wherever the future takes you 🙂

  • Shannon Gauger

    What an amazing story! I’m so happy your life turned around for the both of you. I can’t wait to read more from you!

  • http://www.DeploymentDiatribes.com/ TheDeploymentDiatribes

    Wow, what a journey you’ve had. I’m so happy for you and your family that you are all happy and healthy now.

  • http://www.corter.co Jennifer Corter

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, I really enjoyed reading it.

  • http://www.tidbitsofexperience.com/ crystal

    This is such a wonderful testimony to how God has worked in your life. Congrats on having your life reshaped by his Almighty Hand. I’m glad to hear that you and your family are living for Him now.

  • Linda Nelson

    What a great story, and what a long and winding road! So happy for you and what you’ve accomplished, all through the help and strength of God. Every time I don’t understand something that is happening, I try to remember that it will make sense in the long run, I don’t get to see the whole picture up front, only God knows what is to come.

  • Jeana Walz, CAP

    Praise God for the work He is doing in your lives. He is so great! Thanks for sharing your story and I hope it touches others that they come to Christ.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      That is my prayer as well!

  • Leila

    Wow. What an amazing story! I will have to go through more of your blog – that really was a touching story and I would love to learn more of your story!!

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      I would love to have you read more and let me know what you think 🙂

  • Maria Brittis

    honesty is very important to me, so i have to say that as much as i love god, I have been away from my church…. but its not all about attending church for me. . I have been praying more lately and even though i don’t attend church, God is always with me.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      I do understand getting away from church, and while church doesn’t make you a Christian, there is definitely benefits to going such as spiritual food and godly friendships. I hope that you can find your way back someday.

  • ABudgetFriendlyLife

    Thank you for sharing your journey! What an amazing testimony!

  • http://butchersniche.com/ Rebekah Stark

    what a beautiful redeeming story! thanks for sharing and being so real!

  • Marie

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  • http://about.me/tejor TJ

    Very inspirational story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • http://www.digalittledeeper0.me Rachel

    Fabulous uplifting story. Bad girl, gone good and bad boy arrives in town to shake off his partying ways and their lives will be forever together with the help of Gods hand. Isn’t it funny we carry some regrets around like addiction, but without that area of life being played out you two would never have collided.

    I was feeling a little pressure today, but after reading your wonderful story my heart feels a little lighter now. Thank you.


    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      I am so happy that our story was uplifting to your soul! Have a blessed rest of your week.

  • phoward336

    Lovely story – and I’m so glad it ends the way it did! I love that you are working hard to raise your children in a strong and happy household!

  • http://iactuallyrun.com/ Lerie

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was amazing and miraculous to know how you both met and ended up together and despite your backgrounds and hardship you have stuck together but the best part was that you discovered the true love of Jesus.

  • Betsy Pool

    Thanks so much for sharing your story!! God has definitely worked in my life so many times. My husband and I were acquaintances and lived in the same town for years. It was until we were both coming back to the States from overseas that we really connected though. I had lived in the Philippines for 2 years (teaching at a missionary school) and he had been serving in the Army in Iraq for a year. We had both grown spiritually overseas and thus came back to the states as different people than when we left. God definitely had a hand in our lives, and still does as we are serving in the church with 2 young kids. These days I think we are in the “it’s hard work” to communicate without fighting and show love to the other in their love language, but it’s nice to know we are both committed to sticking it out.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      I understand the fighting and struggle to communicate while raising young children- you are not alone! Remember that the devil wants to destroy marriages, so all the fighting is because of seeds of pride and resentment that he is planting. Pray daily with and for your husband. Good luck and may God continue to bless you!

  • Talent Hounds

    Wow- thank you for sharing and congratulations on overcoming addiction. How wonderful that you found God and each other. Seems like you were meant to be together.

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      Yes, I like to think that we were!

  • Christina Knotts

    This is so awesome. How wonderful that God brought you and your husband from where you were! It gives me hope that maybe, someday, my older brother and his girlfriend will come to see the light. They have been living with each other for about 5 or 6 years, have one child together and two other children individually. They go to church, they talk about the Lord, but yet they live in sin and ‘live it up’ on the weekends. Do you have any advice for me, as far as talking with him?

    • https://rahabtoriches.com/ Miranda Gonzalez

      I would really pray for God to do a work in their hearts. Maybe point out that marriage is God’s plan for families and that by not being married they are missing many blessings that God wants to bestow on them if they will choose to be obedient and live right. I wish you and your brother the best of luck!

  • Mommy Effect

    Just an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it.

  • http://www.screenwriterswife.com/ The Screenwriter’s Wife

    It’s always interesting how couples meet and how what seems like small things at the time end up working out so that bigger things are able to happen.

  • http://americanmominengland.com/ Erin Lee

    What a lovely story. It definitely seems that God had his hand in the details. Thanks for sharing.

  • Melissa Vera

    Reminds me of the Rascal Flats song God Blessed the Broken Road that let me to you . What a truly powerful story for you to share with others. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Crystal P

    My husband and I also came from broken paths. He, from a life of addiction and incarceration and myself from an abusive previous marriage. It’s only through God’s grace and plan that we are still together today. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Rebecca- Catching Clovers

    What an amazing story and testimony to how God has worked in your life. Thank you for sharing your very personal story.

  • http://haleysvintage.com Haley Bradley

    I am so glad you were able to find God and you both we able to change your life.

  • Monica

    God does wonderful work in our lifes. I am so happy you have found your path.

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  • http://www.helicoptermomandjustplanedad.com/ HeliMom

    God is great. So thrilled that you found you way.