Preparing for Vacation

We are getting ready to leave for vacation to visit my mother-in-law out of state. I love vacations and taking time away to bond with our family. But it seems like the older I get and  more responsibilities (more kids) I have, the more work goes into actually getting ready for vacation than I remember. […]

The Vacation You Need to be Taking with Your Family

Camping: The Vacation You Need to be Taking with Your Family

Camping wasn’t something that I grew up doing with my family. In fact, the first time I ever went camping was with a group of friends when I was a teenager. Even then, it wasn’t a regular thing, just something I did a few times. When I met my husband, I became quite a bit […]

Our Summer Bucket List

Last year, my teenager made a summer bucket list with her best friend. I thought it was cute, but didn’t pay too much attention to it. This year, I have been hearing all kinds of things about summer bucket lists. I thought it would be fun to make one with my kids, so we all […]

Hiking As A Family-Our First Trip

My husband is very active. Because of this, we are a pretty outdoorsy family. We like to camp and take day trips to lakes, rivers, and streams. Recently, he has gotten into hiking. A couple months ago, he took my 6-year-old son with him and they went hiking a very popular trail in our area–Blue […]

Small Town Patriotism

My husband grew up in a small town farming community in Northern California. Very small. There were only 20-something seniors in his whole graduating class! He can’t even relate to typical high-school drama when I tell him some of my stories from my high school…and I didn’t come from a very big town either, although […]