Am I Being A Faithful Mother?

What comes to mind when you think of the word faithful? Usually when I think of that word, it is in terms of marriage, such as being a faithful spouse, or in terms of church, such as faithfully attending church or serving in ministry. I have to admit I have never considered faithfulness as relating […]

What I Learned From My Drama Queen

I am the mother to a little girl who is 4 going on 5. Or maybe she is really going on 15 and I just missed the last 10 years somehow, because that is how it feels most days. Like I have a miniature teenager running around in my house. I love this little girl […]

But They’ll Miss All The Fun!

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, I came across a friend’s post regarding her desire to homeschool her children. Since I am a homeschool mom, it right away piqued my interest so I began to look through all the comments. What I read has had me thinking ever since. I […]

How I Created A Picky Eater

Having 4 kids, with one on the way, I can tell you about plenty of eating experiences I’ve had with my children and their often picky palettes. Most children will go through a phase of pickiness, and there are some foods that certain kids just don’t like. Really, I can’t blame them for the most […]