Diaper Bag Review!


Yesterday I received this super cute diaper bag in the mail to review for a fairly new company, Sass ‘N Frass. A blogging friend of mine approached me to do the review so she could get the word out about this new company that she had recently became a distributor for. I jumped at the opportunity, because I am 39 weeks pregnant and in love with all things baby right now.

After checking out the website, I chose the Blue Owl Diaper bag. My oldest daughter loves owls, and even though the ultrasound said I am having a girl, there are so many colors that, in my opinion, this diaper bag could be used for either a boy or a girl, even though it is blue. The company also has many other designs, all just as cute-there are froggy patterns, chevron stripes, and zebra print, to name a few. Check them out here.

My first reaction when opening the package was excitement! The colors really pop, the material is soft, and the design is unique. I appreciate the fact that probably nobody else I know will have the same diaper bag as me-unless they see this post and order, of course. But it’s not like these are sold in stores, where everyone has the same limited supply to choose from. Especially being in a somewhat small town, that is a concern of mine. I really don’t like running into someone carrying the same bag as me. Which has happened in the past with my other babies.

The only thing I noticed right off the bat that wasn’t so favorable was that it seemed a little narrow, like maybe it wouldn’t fit everything I needed. Any experienced mommies out there will tell you that going out with baby is no small feat, especially the first few months. So a diaper bag that doesn’t have enough space just wouldn’t be practical. Since this is my fifth baby, I can tell you what you need to carry with you when you go out-about 8 diapers, wipes, a couple outfit changes, a blanket, and either bottles or a nursing cover. As the baby gets older you can do without so many diapers, but then you need room for food and toys. I loaded all my necessities up and was pleasantly surprised-there is plenty of room!


You can see that it is deep! I could easily fit another layer of supplies on top of this one, if needed for a long trip. Here is a side picture of the bag with everything in it:


There’s even a little zipper on the outside back, and 3 outer pockets on the front side for any extras. The outer pockets would be great for a pacifier, snacks, spoons, mom’s sunglasses, etc.

Another awesome feature to this diaper bag is that it comes with accessories-a changing pad and a zippered pouch. To me, a changing pad is a must-have for a diaper bag. Babies need to be changed A LOT, and I have never felt good about laying my baby down on a public changing table. Way too many germies for me. So having my own changing pad that I can lay down first and then sanitize at home is very important. And the zippered pouch that comes with this diaper bag is big. I could easily fit feminine products, make-up, my cell phone, and a small wallet. When I had my first baby, I used to carry around a diaper bag and a purse, but I have since wizened up. I don’t have enough hands to carry more than one bag, and baby, and keep control of my other little’s. Everything needs to fit!


So my verdict? I love this bag! I highly recommend it to any mommies, and it would make a great baby shower gift! The patterns are super cute and it is highly practical. The price is reasonable as well-they are about $40. Great price for a diaper bag, which can get upwards of $100 for good ones.

The narrowness I was originally concerned about has grown on me as well. When I had my son, I had such a huge diaper bag, it could have been mistaken for airplane carry-on luggage. Sure, it fit everything and then some, but it was so cumbersome and heavy. And forget about having any extra storage under the stroller-it took up every inch, so going shopping meant we had to either carry shopping bags or the diaper bag because they all couldn’t fit. Although I didn’t try to put this bag under a stroller (because I don’t have one yet), I know that it would leave room for other items. And it isn’t too big to carry, as you can see in this picture of me:


If you want to order, check out the Sass ‘N Frass website.  They also have all kinds of other bags, jewelry, and accessories. From what I have seen, the quality is great. If you do order, make sure to put Victoria Heckstall down as your sales consultant. You can connect with Victoria here:

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I was sent this diaper bag for free in the hopes that I would do a review on my blog, but all opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for reading!

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GrapeVine Bible Studies


I love Christmas. I love the lights, the decorations, the music, the food. But most of all I love hearing the story of the birth of my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I love reading about the faith of Mary and Joseph, the birth of Jesus in the manger, the gifts of the wise men, and every other detail of this most miraculous event in history.

What better way to kick of the holiday season than with a Bible Study for you and your children to complete about the birth of Jesus? I am so excited to be able to partner with Grape Vine Bible studies and be able to share this great Christian resource with you.

Grape Vine Bible Studies has stick-figure Bible lessons that will engage your child in a unique way. There are 2 levels for the Birth of Jesus study–Beginner, for ages 3 and up, and Elementary, for older children. I am excited to do this study with my children this year. I really appreciate that you can use any version of the Bible you choose to do this study, so it should work in any family. And you can get either print versions or e-book versions. This company really makes it easy to share the Good News with your children!

Check it out and see if it is something that will work for your family. I’m sure it will be such a blessing to mine!

Click here to be taken to the ordering page.

If you end up doing this study with your family, come back here and let me know how you liked it. There are lots of other resources there as well that I am excited to try after the holidays.

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Handling Birthday’s During Holiday Season


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We are very blessed to be expecting baby #5 in early December. I love this time of year, with all the decorations and festive spirit and Christmas music playing every where I go. I enjoy the cold weather and bundling up to go outside. It makes me happy to have a fire going to keep the house warm, and to have our tree all lit up with lights. I especially love how easy it is to talk about Jesus at this time of year without getting sideways looks from people.

What I wasn’t sure about was having a baby at this time of year. Would my child feel like their birthday was always overshadowed by the season? Would we never be able to have a party because everyone is so busy with everything else? Would we even be able to afford to make a special deal of birthday’s in December with Christmas right around the corner?

Luckily, I know the answer to most of those questions, or at least answers that work for my family. You see, this is our 3rd baby to be born at this time. Our 4-year-old was born a day after Thanksgiving (in fact her birthday is on Thanksgiving this year), and our 2-year-old was born on December 20. So we do have a few years practice at dealing with birthday’s during the holidays. And so far we have managed to make each one special. I will give you some pointers and ideas that have worked well for us.

    1.  We don’t do birthday parties every year. This isn’t just for our children born during Christmas, it is also for our 2 children born in the summer. Our birthday party years are 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 18. We’ve only gone up to 13 so far, but 16 and 18 are the plan for the future. As a family we decided that these are the “special” years. Don’t get me wrong, we still celebrate our child on their birthday each and every year, they just only get a party with friends on these years. On the “off” years, we still have a special dinner and cake with just family, and we either go somewhere fun, like the beach for our summer babies, or I take the birthday child on a special shopping trip where they get to pick out their birthday present (within a given budget.) Our children have always felt super special and enjoyed these years just as much as the party years, and it has saved us the time and money it takes to throw a party. And I think it makes the birthday parties that much more special!
    2. We combine parties. I’m sure there are some people out there that think this is a big no-no, but it has worked surprisingly well for us. Our girls are only 2 years apart, so they have many of the same friends, or at least family’s with their children spaced 2 years apart as well. And they have many of the same interests (Disney Princesses!) so throwing a combined party just makes sense. Another idea is to have a Santa Claus party for a child whose birthday is in December. We did this for one of my daughter’s one year. My dad dressed up like Santa and handed out little gifts to all the guests, and the children got to decorate a miniature tree. And for my Thanksgiving baby, when it isn’t a party year we combine her birthday with Thanksgiving dinner, that way family only has one event to go to. We just throw in an extra cake. Who doesn’t want extra cake at Thanksgiving anyway, right?

Santa Claus , Picture,

  1. We move the parties up a few weeks. Since we know everyone will be busy Thanksgiving week, we usually have our turkey baby’s party a week or two before. And the same with our December 20 baby. If we aren’t combining the parties, hers also gets moved up a week or two so it isn’t so close to Christmas. If we are combining their birthdays, we will usually move our Thanksgiving baby’s party back a couple weeks and have the double party right in  between both their birthdays.
  2. We don’t go crazy with birthday gifts. Our children usually only get one gift from us on their birthdays. Especially if it is a party year, because we know they will be getting gifts from their friends and family as well. Their one gift is something that they want, not something that they need, so that makes it special. And like I mentioned before, when it isn’t a party year they get to choose the gift themselves. This saves us money, especially for the birthdays around the holidays, because we don’t have to buy a ton of presents so close to Christmas. Our children get spoiled enough by grandparents that they don’t even notice if we got them one or five. Even if they didn’t, getting one gift they really want makes them appreciate things more than if they got a bunch of stuff, in my opinion, and makes it more special.

This year is a little bit different though. It happens to be a party year for both my turkey baby and my Christmas baby, and I am due with another little bundle right smack dab in the middle of their birthdays! I really want them to still have their parties, but I don’t want to schedule them and then have to cancel because I’m in labor. I also don’t want to host a party shortly after I have given birth, not only because I will be recovering but because I really don’t want any germs our guests might bring over, making my newborn sick. So this year they are having a combined party the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sure, it is a whole month before my December 20th birthday girl, but I don’t think that will make much difference. She is only turning 3, after all.

I hope some of these ideas were helpful to you. Let me know in the comments if you have any holiday babies in your family and how you handle birthdays.

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Baby Bumble Bee

This whole pregnancy, bees have been buzzing on my mind. For the first time, we did a gender reveal cake and pictures to let our other children and friends and family know what we were having. I ordered the cake from Nugget Markets bakery-they have THE BEST cakes and if you live in or around the Sacramento, CA area you’re missing out if you’ve never been there. On the cake they wrote “What’s It Going To Bee?” and on the inside put pink frosting for our little girl.

Gender Reveal Cake-Bumble Bee Theme

Gender Reveal Cake-Bumble Bee Theme

Sticking with the bumble bee theme, I found this super cute baby blanket pattern on Pinterest that I am going to start working on this week. I just hope to get it done in the next 3 weeks before baby arrives. Then I have some pretty tall orders from my other little’s for what they want mom to crochet for them. At least I’ll “bee” busy!

Bumble Bee Blanket and Cap

Bumble Bee Blanket and Cap

And it is good that yellow is a gender neutral color, because even though they say the baby is a girl, my son is convinced that it will be a boy. I think it’s probably wishful thinking because he wants a brother so bad, but I know ultrasounds have been wrong before, so we shall see.

Next week my husband and I will be stripping and re-painting a baby cradle that we got for FREE! I am planning on painting it a creamy white color with little bumble bees buzzing all over it. Look for pictures here in the next week or two. Although we’ve never done anything like that before, so fingers crossed that it will turn out how we are hoping!

What do you think of the bumble bee theme? Did you have a theme when you were expecting? Let us know in the comments!

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Am I Being A Faithful Mother?

What does being a faithful mother mean?

What does being a faithful mother mean?

What comes to mind when you think of the word faithful? Usually when I think of that word, it is in terms of marriage, such as being a faithful spouse, or in terms of church, such as faithfully attending church or serving in ministry. I have to admit I have never considered faithfulness as relating to me as a mother. And if I ever did, I certainly would have thought I was being a faithful mother. After all, I am with my children almost every hour of every day. What could be more faithful than that?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, faithful means ” having or showing true and constant support or loyalty.” By that definition, am I still as faithful of a mother as I thought I have been? Yes, I am here to physically support my children at all times, but what about spiritually? Am I truly, constantly, and loyally supporting my children’s spiritual needs?

My children need to see the heart of Jesus in me. They need to see that no matter what they do, I will never stop loving them and never consider them a burden. Although I think my children know that, am I constantly, faithfully, showing them?

Today at lunch my 2-year-old spilled her noodles all over herself and the floor for the umpteenth time this month. I immediately felt myself getting frustrated at yet another mess I had to clean up. I started to say something to her out of exasperation when the Lord put this verse on my heart:

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins…” -1 John 1:9

Can you imagine if every time I made a mistake, my Heavenly Father reacted with frustration? Can you imagine the Lord talking down to me for yet another one of my messes that He had to clean up? I wouldn’t want to confide in a Father like that. I wouldn’t feel loved by a Father like that. I would find it hard to trust a Father like that.

Fortunately, my Heavenly Father is not like that. He loves me even when I am a mess. He is faithful to forgive me of my sins, no matter how many times I foolishly repeat them. And I love Him with all my heart and soul because of it.

That is the kind of love I want to show my children. The kind of love I want to live out in my home. Faithfully loving my family. Faithfully forgiving my family. Showing the heart of Jesus to them no matter how many times they spill the noodles, or the water, or whatever mess it is that they are getting themselves into. Right now my children are young, so the messes they make are easy to clean up. I want to show them now that I will faithfully be there for them, so that when they are older and have messes in their lives that aren’t taken care of by a few paper towels, they will trust me enough to come to me and let me help them. I want them to trust my faithfulness.

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