What An ER Visit Taught Me About Cherishing My Children

“These kids are driving me crazy!” If you are a mom, and unless you are Mother Theresa, I’m sure you’ve uttered (or screamed) these words out of frustration before. I know I have. Many times, in varying tones of voice. The fighting, the messes, the mealtimes, the questions. It gets to me sometimes. The never […]

5 Things to Never Do At A Youth Sporting Event

Recently, while watching my 10-year-old’s softball game, I found myself in a situation that I think most parents can relate to. The team’s were evenly matched and it was a high scoring, high action game. My daughter was playing catcher, and after an inning when she had let a couple runs in by throwing the […]

Hearing God Through Housework

I had a very busy day ahead of me. I woke up early to spend some time hearing God by reading His word, and talking to Him in prayer. I was up before the children and had started getting things done, but I still felt like I was falling behind, and I was overwhelmed. I […]

Who Said You Can’t Do It?

“Mom! I’m done!” I hear this battle cry exuberantly called from the bathroom many times each day. One of my children has finished up in the bathroom and needs my help to wash their hands. I used to rush in and help, to make sure they were doing a good job, getting nice and clean, and […]

Teen Pregnancy on Ask Away Friday

This week I swapped questions with Christy, who blogs over at Uplifting Families. Go check out her blog when you get a chance, and see some of the questions I asked her. 1. I was a teen mom too. What was your biggest struggle as a teen mother? –I think for me it was the fact […]