The Unbreakable Bond Between A Father and His Child

A Father Will Do Whatever It Takes

Many years ago when my son was just a baby, we lived on the end of a not-so-nice street. There were a few dealers and just some all-around shady characters living on our block, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see a police car or two. Well, one night it got a little […]

Some tips on making birthday's special during the holiday season.

Making Birthday’s Special During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down, and that means the holidays will be upon us before we know it. I enjoy the cold weather and bundling up to go outside. It makes me happy to have a fire going to keep the house warm, and to […]

The Vacation You Need to be Taking with Your Family

Camping: The Vacation You Need to be Taking with Your Family

Camping wasn’t something that I grew up doing with my family. In fact, the first time I ever went camping was with a group of friends when I was a teenager. Even then, it wasn’t a regular thing, just something I did a few times. When I met my husband, I became quite a bit […]

Instilling Faith in Your Children

Instilling Faith in Your Children

I am a preacher’s kid and my dad is my favorite preacher. I’ve heard some sermons more than once, enough to have a favorite. As children, my siblings and I referred to it as “the parrot sermon” (because of a variation of this illustration). The sermon’s actual title is “Who will teach the children?” using scriptures from the book of Deuteronomy. This sermon […]

How Can You Encourage Your Kids?

How Can You Encourage Your Kids?

Encourage: a verb meaning to give support, confidence, or hope (to someone) Some synonyms for encourage are hearten, cheer, uplift, inspire, motivate, stimulate, invigorate, embolden, and fortify. I could go on, but I think you get the point. To give someone encouragement means you support them and are in their corner. You want them to succeed! I […]