Healthy, Crunchy, or Just Plain Crazy?

Healthy, Crunchy, or just plain Crazy

A few days ago I saw an article that really got me fired up. Apparently, the government now wants to label people who take care of their health as having a mental disorder. They’ve even come up with a scientific sounding diagnosis, Orthorexia nervosa. It seems that if you are overly concerned with the pureness of your food, and how it affects your health, you might be crazy. While I do believe that anything taken to obsessive limits could be damaging for your mental health, this just reeks of corruptness.

Let’s go ahead and unpack this theory. What is pure food? In my mind, pure is anything that is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, and not altered in any way. The use of pesticides would therefore make something “impure.” Genetic modification (GMO’s) would also take away the pure label. This is why in order for something to be labeled “organic” it cannot be grown with the use of pesticides, nor be genetically modified. Foods chock full of preservatives are definitely not pure-sorry fast food!

I think we can all agree that chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives are not good for your health. I honestly didn’t think about this stuff much in my younger days, but now with a family to look after, I do worry about what we are putting into our bodies on a daily basis. I have even been on the fence about GMO’s, but the fact is, we don’t know what the outcome of all this genetic modification is-we are currently the guinea pigs! Our children are test subjects. And now, the powers that be want to label healthy eating as a mental disorder?

I think most people know that Monsanto is the leader of the GMO movement. They are paving the way with genetically modified produce. Straight from their laboratory to your kitchen table. It is funny to me that a chemical company is even allowed to mess with our food. (In case you didn’t know, Monsanto is the company responsible for bringing the world Agent Orange and RoundUp.) Of course, they now label themselves as a “sustainable agricultural company.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a company whose products have caused respiratory illness and cancer handling my food. Especially since at the time Agent Orange was being used, it was touted as safe. Now, years later, millions are dealing with the fallout. Will history repeat itself with GMO’s?

The problem, of course, is that Monsanto is a GIANT! With President Obama signing the Monsanto Protection Act , they are basically above the law. The federal courts have no power over them, even if it is later found that genetically modifying our food comes with some gnarly consequences. All the money they need at their disposal with no repercussions-what could possible go wrong? Of course they don’t want people to wise up and jump off their bandwagon. They have too much to lose!

This past summer, I took my children to the tomato festival in town. There were all sorts of fun tomato and salsa tasting contests, and we went around from booth to booth participating in them all. We got over to the big Monsanto booth, where they were also holding a taste test. We got in line, and right as I was about to taste my first tomato, one of their workers stopped me and said I couldn’t participate…because I was pregnant. This did not make sense to me at all-tomatoes are good for you, right? None of the other booths had a problem with me tasting their produce. So I started questioning why I couldn’t, and they had to call their manager or person in charge over, who explained to me that their legal team advised them against allowing pregnant women to taste their tomatoes. HUGE red flag! I still don’t have an answer as to what exactly they are afraid of. And how come I couldn’t taste their Frankenstein tomatoes there but I can buy them in the grocery store????

We live in a free country, founded on individual liberty. The government shouldn’t be able to tell anyone how to live or how to raise their family. And because of this, they are trying to marginalize and stigmatize those that don’t buy into their propaganda by labeling them as having a mental disorder. Before you start thinking that I’m way off base here and that isn’t what is going on-consider this: It isn’t the first time in history that those that go against the status quo have been called crazy.

In the Victorian Era, “women could find themselves labelled insane and locked up in madhouses for a range of conditions – from postnatal depression to alcoholism or senile dementia, and even for social transgressions such as infidelity (‘moral insanity’).” (source) Even more recently, in the early 20th century (between 1910 and 1920) many suffragettes were jailed, locked up, beaten, force fed-all because they wanted the right to vote. They dared to go against those in control and the norm for those days that said that women were second class citizens. Women speaking their mind was considered a mental disorder! Women weren’t allowed to have opinions-or at least not express them publicly. All of you women bloggers, all of you women sharing your opinions with the world on a daily basis via social media, should be so thankful for what these women went through. It’s because of them we all aren’t sitting in a mental hospital right now. Because they weren’t afraid to take a stand against something they knew was wrong!

Without them standing up to the GIANTS of their day, it wouldn’t matter if we thought Christian Gray is sexy or sinful, or if vaccines are necessary or evil, or if yoga pants are comfortable or too revealing. It wouldn’t matter because we wouldn’t be allowed to have opinions. Now they are trying to take away our right to make sure our families are healthy, or at least belittle those that make choices against what they say is safe and right. (This could also be applied to the vaccine controversy, but I’m not going to go there!) If you’re interested, you might also want to check out this article about how the mental health industry creates disease.


I would like to hear what you think. Do you think choosing only pure and healthy food for your family should be considered a mental disorder? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

Should eating healthy be considered a mental disorder?

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The Body My Babies Built

Love My Body

This is the first week I am participating in the Wellness Wednesday link-up over at Scoops of Joy, and one of the prompts this week is “Why I love my body.” I immediately knew that this was the prompt I wanted to write about…not because I have some smokin’ hot, perfect body, but because I really have come to love my body how it is.

I didn’t always “love my body.” Growing up, my body was always way taller than anyone else’s. I hated it! I was always trying to make myself smaller, by hunching over, or bending one knee and kind of leaning to the other side. I’m sure I probably looked ridiculous. Plus I have been struggling with bad posture and the resulting back pain all my life because of those bad habits I adopted as a pre-teen. I can remember whenever a loving relative would comment on how tall I was getting, I would have to hold back tears. Why did they always have to point it out? Like everyone couldn’t tell I was a giant freakshow!

If I only had known then what I know now. Tall is beautiful! Even more beautiful is confidence, something I surely wasn’t exuding in my hunchback of Notre Dame stance.

Confidence is Beautiful!
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Fast forward to me now-30 years old and 5 babies later. I finally come to embrace my height, and something else comes along I surely don’t want to embrace. FAT. I miss the days when my tall, lanky body could eat pizza and cheeseburger and junk food all day, every day, and not gain an ounce. But add age and back to back pregnancies into the mix, and it seems like if I even look at food I gain weight. At least with my height it seems to proportion pretty well. Thank you tall gene! I’m sorry I was so cruel to you before.

But you know what? I do love my body. Extra baby weight and all. Of course I am going to try to lose it, and one of my goals is to lose 30 pounds this year, but right now I’m not stressing over it. You know why?

Because my body has packed on the extra pounds to carry a healthy baby to term.

My body is carrying a little extra weight to make milk so my baby can gain weight and be healthy.

I even love the stretch marks I’ve accumulated over the past 5 pregnancies. Because they remind me of how miraculous it is that my body can stretch that much to hold a life inside it. (Even though ever since I’ve been rubbing Young Living Frankincense oil and coconut oil on my tummy, they have faded so much you can’t even see most of them anymore. My mom was amazed when I showed her!)

No, my body isn’t perfect. But it’s mine. It’s the body God gave me and that my babies helped redesign. I’m happy with it. And that is why I love my body!

This is me, 6 weeks after having my baby.

This is me, 6 weeks after having my baby.

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Scoops of Joy

Our Home Birth–and FREE PRINTABLES!


In the early morning hours on Friday, December 5, our beautiful baby girl was born. Each of my children’s births have been special, but this one was unique in that it was our first home birth. It’s funny how something can be so different from all other experiences, and yet still the same. That is how I feel about giving birth at home. It was the same as at a hospital, in that there is still that excitement of something big happening, and of course baby still comes out the same way, but different in the whole atmosphere and comfort of being in your home and feeling like you are in charge, instead of the head nurse or doctor on call.

So here is my baby girl’s birth story.

I had been having contractions for the past week or so, many of which would wake me up at night, then taper off as soon as I would get up to call my midwife. So when I went in for my 40-week appointment and discovered that I was already dilated to about 4 cm, my midwife stripped my membranes and did a couple pressure points on my cervix. When I left, I was feeling a little crampy, but since my other children were with my mother-in-law, I decided to go out to eat and then go over to a home school store I had been meaning to go to, so I could order some curriculum for next semester.

The store ended up being farther than I expected, about an hour drive. I texted my husband, a little worried that I wouldn’t make it home because I had been having contractions the whole drive over. Still, since they were about 9 minutes apart I decided I would go in and shop since I was there anyway and I didn’t want to have made the drive for nothing. The contractions continued the whole time I was there, and I guess I must have been touching my head a lot because right before I left I went into the bathroom and my hair was sticking up like a mad woman’s. Which wouldn’t have been that bad except I was talking to the cashier for a good 10 minutes and she remarked on how confident I was. Yeah, confident enough to go out in public with that hair, I’m sure.

On the drive home I called my husband and told him I was pretty sure I was in labor and he should go home and set up the birth tub. I also called my midwife to let her know. Both of them were pretty skeptical, since I had thought I had been in labor a couple times that week already, but this time my contractions were about 6 minutes apart and I just knew that I’d be meeting my baby girl soon. So on the way home I picked up my oldest daughter and we started getting the house ready.

After the tub was set up, the contractions started going away again. Instead of every 6 minutes, they were more like every 11 minutes. All I was thinking was “Not Again!”–I was determined to have this baby! We decided to go walk around Target for a while. Since we were there, I made a baby registry just for the fun of it (and to get the 10% off coupons!) I don’t really remember what was so funny, but my husband, my daughter, and I could not stop laughing and joking around the whole time we were shopping. We were having a blast but must have been making a scene because we kept getting weird looks from the other shoppers. Maybe it’s because I had to stop every few minutes while I was having a contraction, and then that would start us all laughing again.  We went to eat at In and Out Burger on the way home, and I guess we were still being silly- my daughter spit soda out of her nose because she was laughing so much! I’m glad we got to make those memories together, I know we will all enjoy thinking back on this time.

When we got home, my midwife still wasn’t convinced I was in labor, probably because I was in such a good mood. She wanted me to elevate one leg on a stool during contractions, and that made me feel like a pirate, so that didn’t help us to stop laughing either. Somehow I convinced her to come, that I was indeed in labor. My daughter called her friend to pick her up for the night since the midwife was on the way. My midwife got to our house and discovered I was dilated to 6 centimeters. All that laughing must have paid off! But the baby was still high, and the contractions started to fizzle out again.

I was obviously in labor, but it kept trying to stop, instead of getting stronger. This is where I am so glad I was at home and not a hospital, because I avoided any talk of pitocin or c-section or “failure to progress.” My midwife had a couple tricks up her sleeve to get labor going more strongly, though. At almost 10 pm, I drank a smoothie with castor oil. I had originally been very against castor oil, but my midwife said it would definitely bring the baby down into the birth canal and get labor going strong, so I agreed. (I just have to say I would not have taken or recommend it to induce a labor that hadn’t even started yet, but I was already more than half-way dilated and definitely in labor. Plus I had two midwives there monitoring me and baby.)

After drinking the smoothie, I went to lie down in the dark on my bed for a little while. It was so relaxing, just being able to rest in my own bed and breathe through contractions without bright hospital lights and monitors and nurses poking around. I spent much of that time thinking back to when my other children were born and how small and sweet they were. I also spent a good part of the next couple hours laboring in the bathroom, thanks to the castor oil. But it wasn’t as bad as I had expected and definitely worked to get my labor kicked into high gear.

Since I had two of my children already with no pain medication, I thought I knew what to expect. With both of those births, I remember being in lots of pain and wanting to give up during the transition period (when your body is dilating from 7-10 centimeters), so my plan was to get into the tub when the pain was getting unbearable. Even though I had taken childbirth classes in the past, I don’t think they did a good job of equipping me to handle the contractions, and that is why I was in so much pain. This time, I didn’t take any classes but I did A LOT of reading, including “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” and “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth” (<–links are at the end of post, in case you’d like to get a copy of either book for yourself or a pregnant momma.) I know that these books prepared me so much and gave me a wide range of tools to use in my labor-I would highly recommend them to any one who is pregnant or hopes to become pregnant. I only wish I had read them years ago!

Another thing I did was look up many birth quotes and Bible verses. I asked God for His strength to get me through the hardest parts, and one quote that I kept repeating to myself was:

”…pain is only pain; unless we resist it, then it becomes torment.” ~ the I Ching

I don’t know what or who the I Ching is, but when I felt like a contraction was getting too painful, I reminded myself of this quote and not to resist the pain but to go with it. That, along with making deep, low sounds instead of high-pitched ones made all the difference.

When the contractions started coming one after the other, I decided that it was time to get into the tub. I was fully prepared to labor for another hour or even more, because up until now I had been able to manage the pain well, and from my previous births I thought I was just heading into transition. In reality, I was just about done with transition, and was probably already dilated to 9 or 10, which makes sense looking back on how the contractions were on top of each other. After I stepped into the tub, I had one more contraction and then a nice rest of probably over a minute…at least that’s how long it felt to me. I thought my body was gearing up for transition, when in reality it was gearing up to push this baby out. With the next contraction my water broke, and the one after that I pushed my baby out. I was holding my sweet girl in my arms less than 5 minutes after getting in the tub! Definitely the most painful part of the whole labor was feeling her come down and out of the birth canal, but there was no “ring of fire” like I remember from my other non-water births.  I just couldn’t believe how fast it was and that it was over. She was born just before 1 am, only a few hours after taking the castor oil! I don’t think my husband could believe it either-he was so amazed and said I was like superwoman! Neither one of us were prepared for how awesome this would be.


My husband didn’t cut the cord until it completely stopped pulsing, which was about 20 minutes after she was born. That is another difference between a home birth and a hospital birth. I have always wanted them to wait to cut the cord in the hospital, but I still think the most they ever waited was 5 minutes. That is 15 minutes of precious cord blood my other babies missed out on! And there was nobody rushing around, whisking my baby off to get washed and poked and manhandled.

One of the best parts was getting to lay in my own comfy bed with my baby right away instead of the narrow, hard hospital bed. My midwives examined her right there in front of me after we had all calmed down from the birth, and later my husband and I gave our baby girl her first sponge bath. I had never given one of my babies their first bath before-a nurse always did.

I almost can’t believe it still. This was such an amazing experience that I know my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. It is really cool being able to point out the exact spot our baby was born, and knowing that her first breath was taken in our home, surrounded by love and calm.


Here are some FREE PRINTABLES that I made up for our birth, feel free to print them out and use them with yours as well, either hospital or home.

Open Rose

Ride The Waves

Home Birth-Door Sign

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Save Money by Staying Healthy!


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Nobody likes being sick. And what makes it worse is that being sick isn’t cheap. Check out this post from Charlee at Humble in A Heartbeat about just how much it costs to get sick, plus a way to chart exactly how much being sick is costing your family:

The Costs of Getting Sick

Wow! For her family it costs them over $400 for one incidence of illness! Imagine that times 3 or 4 or even more times getting sick per year. It sure can add up.

She has some great ideas for keeping your family healthy. And here is another one: Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are pure, therapeutic grade, and have tons of immunity boosting properties. My family has not been sick once since we started using them. And trust me, with my husband working in a grocery store, we are exposed to plenty of germs.

The best part? The Premium Starter Kit is only $150. If it prevents your family from getting sick even once, it will more than pay for itself. Hop over to my Essential Oils page to learn more and to find out how to order. And check out the Monthly Special I have going on for the rest of October.

Healthy Living to you!

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