Who Said You Can’t Do It?

They said you couldn't do it-Prove them wrong!

“Mom! I’m done!”

I hear this battle cry exuberantly called from the bathroom many times each day. One of my children has finished up in the bathroom and needs my help to wash their hands. I used to rush in and help, to make sure they were doing a good job, getting nice and clean, and not making a mess. But for the last year or so, since my children are now 5 and 6, I have called back, “Do it yourself. You know how.” Which is usually met with a sigh or a begrudging “Ok mom,” because they are used to mommy coming and doing it for them.

Just recently, I realized that I never hear that call from my 3-year-old. I know she washes her hands-as evidenced by the huge puddle of water covering the sink most days-but she just doesn’t think she needs my help to do it. I started wondering why she, who is so much younger than my other children, is more independent than they are? Continue reading