Handling Stress: Prayer and Essential Oils

Every person has stress in their lives. Stress can be a good thing. It can motivate us to reach our goals, reach a deadline, and increase our overall productivity. But stress can also be extremely damaging to our health if it is allowed to get out of control. Stress can lead to cardiovascular problems such […]

Essential Oils: Do They Work and Are They Safe?

Lately I have read quite a few articles from all around the internet regarding essential oils. It seems like everyone who knows anything about them has an opinion, and they aren’t worried about putting it out there. Since I’ve seen quite a few posts bashing essential oils as “fraud” or “unsafe,” I’ve decided to weigh […]

Oils and NingXia to the Rescue!

Lately we have been on the go-go-go. Soccer practices, team parties, swim lessons, teen activities-it seems like there is always somewhere to be. Well I think my very pregnant body got a message from my immune system last night that it was time to slow down! Late yesterday afternoon I started getting very sniffly and […]

Why I Love Thieves Essential Oil!

Why does everyone keep talking about Thieves essential oil like it is so great? And furthermore, what is with the name? Keep reading to find out why this is one oil I will always have in stock for my family and home. First let’s talk about the name. This oil actually got it’s name from […]

Save Money by Staying Healthy!

photo credit Nobody likes being sick. And what makes it worse is that being sick isn’t cheap. Check out this post from Charlee at Humble in A Heartbeat about just how much it costs to get sick, plus a way to chart exactly how much being sick is costing your family: The Costs of Getting […]