Ask Away Friday with Live By Surprise!

This week for Ask Away Friday I swapped questions with Liv over at Live by Surprise. Check out her Facebook page! 1) Your recently wrote about keeping the love alive in marriage. What have you done this week to keep the love alive? Ooh…this week, not much. These past couple weeks have been super busy and […]

Teen Pregnancy on Ask Away Friday

This week I swapped questions with Christy, who blogs over at Uplifting Families. Go check out her blog when you get a chance, and see some of the questions I asked her. 1. I was a teen mom too. What was your biggest struggle as a teen mother? –I think for me it was the fact […]

Ask Away Friday: Blissful Snapshots

This week, I swapped questions for Ask Away Friday with Rea, who blogs over at Blissful Snapshots. She is a blogger who lives in Cebu, Philippines and enjoys photography. You won’t be disappointed! She is very interesting and her page is beautiful. When you get done here, hop over and check out the questions I […]

Ask Away Friday: Love and Romance edition

Happy February everyone! This week we are doing a Valentine’s Day theme for Ask Away Friday. I am teaming up with Lysa from Welcome To My Circus to give you all the fun details of our love lives. Well, maybe not all the details, but it will still be fun! After you read my answers […]

Ask Away Friday with The Mad Mommy

I’m excited to be doing my second post for Ask Away Friday, this time swapping questions with Echo, who blogs at The Domain of The Mad Mommy. Are you wondering why she is called that? I did too, and so I asked her! If you’d like to know, you will have to give her a […]