I Can’t Do It Alone

Thy Word Is Truth

Thy Word Is Truth

This pregnancy has been hard on me. I have been more tired than I remember with my other ones, and while I found out a reason and a solution to the physical exhaustion, I have allowed that to make me spiritually exhausted as well.

I’ve thought things I shouldn’t think. And allowed myself to go on thinking them.

I’ve said things I shouldn’t say.

I’ve had a horrible attitude.

I’ve fed the depression and anxiety instead of turning it over the The One who can help.

Daily, I have let the chores of keeping up the house and homeschooling my children become a burden to me. I have been trying to do it in my own strength. And the truth is I Just Can’t!

My life has been so busy. I’m in a busy season right now. And in order to make time for everything, I have cut out the most important thing. My daily prayer and Bible time with the Lord.

It’s now wonder I have been so overwhelmed. I haven’t been refreshing myself daily. I haven’t allowed the Lord to lead. I’ve been relying on myself.

And the truth is: I will always fail. I will always come short. Another truth: I don’t have to live that way. There is a better way.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” -Philippians 4:13

Jesus Christ can and will strengthen me. He will lead and guide me. He will bear my burden. I just have to let Him.

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  • http://melissasaywhat.com Melissa M. Miller

    I love your honesty! You’re very easy to relate to. Even though I’m not pregnant, I can say that I somewhat understand. There are times when I find myself defeated in various aspects of life. I hope it’s reassuring to you that we all go through these periods for whatever reason. I end up digging myself out, using the strengths around me. I was not raised with religion, but it’s dangled itself in front of me many times. I’ve focused on being a good person and that’s gotten me quite far, but sometimes it’s not enough. Faith is a very important virtue. I would like to make it a strength that I use to help me prevail in tough situations. I think I’m getting there. You have provided me with the inspiration to begin my quest. I’m glad I found you! You’ve got a new follower!

    • Rahab to Riches

      Faith has become very important in my life lately, although it is fairly new to me and I lived most of my life so far trying to be “good enough.” Thank you for commenting and following, and if you ever want to talk more about God and faith, I would love to answer any questions you have or just chat, you can get a hold of me via the contact form page :-)

  • http://darlingdownsdiaries.com Terri Presser

    Thank you for a great post, I too let things get on top of me and continue to do things in my own strength – which isn’t very strong. Thank you for the reminder of all we can do with God’s strength. I pray this pregnancy and birth will go well. Blessings

  • http://bornagainandblessed.blogspot.com Urailak @LivingforGod

    I agree. I need Jesus every second. He is my daily Strength and Burden Bearer. I go from grace to grace. My prayer time and Bible time with Him is my lifeline/spiritual nourishment.

    I hope and pray that your pregnancy will go well and your baby will be healthy. May God daily give you the energy and strength that you need and the peace & patience through this busy season!