Ask Away Friday with Live By Surprise!

This week for Ask Away Friday I swapped questions with Liv over at Live by Surprise. Check out her Facebook page!

1) Your recently wrote about keeping the love alive in marriage. What have you done this week to keep the love alive? Ooh…this week, not much. These past couple weeks have been super busy and by the end of the day we are both so tired that we’ve just been sitting in front of the tv after the kids go to bed. Although last night I did rub a little essential oils on his feet, so I guess that counts as a loving gesture. It is definitely time for a date night so we can reconnect!

2) Why did you choose WordPress as a blogging platform? I wanted to be able to put advertisements on my blog (which I still haven’t done!), and I thought WordPress was the only one that allowed that. Come to find out, I was wrong. I believe that Blogger also does. But I am happy that I did. It was difficult to get my blog started and even now I don’t know how to do some things I want to do, but I have learned so much and grown from the experience.

3) You’re in your 6th month of blogging. Any advice for month one? Just jump in and learn as you go! It took me 2 years to finally take the plunge and start blogging, because I was scared of all that I didn’t know. And I still have so much to learn. Pinterest has all kinds of awesome blogging lessons and advice. You can follow my Writing and Blogging board for some tips and inspiration, and we can learn together!

4) Fast five favorites: 1) Fish to eat 2) Flower 3) Song 4) Thing to bring to the beach 5) Blog to read 1. I really love sushi, and other than that I would have to say salmon. 2. Definitely roses. I love how there are so many different colors and meanings, and the smell of fresh roses makes me happy. 3. “It is well with my soul” The song is amazing and the story behind it even more so. The clip here tells the story as the song plays. I highly recommend taking a couple minutes to watch it. Talk about an unshakeable faith! 4. Food! And a blanket to sit on. Not much else is needed. Oh, except a camera. Here are some pictures of our latest Beach Adventure. 5. I have quite a few blogs that I like to follow. Recently I have really been enjoying Classically Homeschooling for her posts on Classical Education, and Embracing the Spectrum. I love how she tackles having a child with autism with such a great spirit. I am always encouraged when I read her posts.

5) What is the piece on your blog (or elsewhere) that you’re most proud of? I don’t know that I would say I am most proud of this post, but I am proud of myself for sharing my story and getting all the bottled up emotion out, through my writing. There were a lot of tears that fell when I was writing this post, but it was almost like I was saying goodbye to my pain by sharing it, and I can honestly say that I have felt so much better ever since and have been able to talk freely about my miscarriage without breaking down. Here is my post on miscarriage and home birth if you’d like to check it out.

6) You’re very active on Pinterest. Which board have you pinned the most to this week? What was your favorite pin? Oh Pinterest. Every time I look at my profile I feel like I have created a monster! There are so many boards and so many pins–many of which I will never get around to reading, let alone actually doing. Every time I see something I like I pin it. I really need to go through it and weed out what I’m not truly interested in. But then I look at my boards and feel overwhelmed! I think my favorite board is my Oh Baby! or Natural Remedies. And I did just start a board for my Blog Posts, so that is kind of cool. (I know this isn’t really an answer to your question, but I just don’t know anymore. I can’t even remember all that I’ve pinned this week. I think I may have a problem. Is there a 12 step program for pinners??)

7) What’s the best part of being a work at home mom? What’s the worst? I think the best part is obviously getting to stay home with my children. That and being able to work when it is convenient for me. The worst part is trying to figure out balance between family and work. I haven’t actually set working hours for me, I just kind of do things as I think of them throughout the day, but that isn’t working out anymore. I need set hours for when I focus on my essential oils business and my blog, and set hours when I completely ignore them to focus on my children and home. But even with that, I still wouldn’t change being able to work while being around my children all day. It is a blessing.

8) You’ve got five kids now. Are there more in the future? Only God knows that. Right now I am learning more about Natural Family Planning, because I’m not really a fan of hormonal contraceptives. I’ve gotten pregnant twice while on birth control, so not only does it not really work for me, but it makes my psychotic. My hormones go totally wacky and I’m not a fun person to be around. So for now, we aren’t exactly planning on or trying to have more kids, but if that is what God has for us, then we will.

9) Have any of your children developed your love of writing? If one of them wanted to write a blog, how would you encourage them to start? My teenager is good at writing. She has won awards at the Fine Arts competition her school goes to each year, but it isn’t a passion of hers. I have actually asked her if she wanted to start a blog but she isn’t interested. Now my 3 year old cannot write yet, but I think she may grow up to be an author. That girl can tell a story! And she has such a vivid imagination. I will definitely be encouraging her to write stories when she is a little older. In fact I have thought about starting to write down some of the things she is writing now. I think the best thing I can do to encourage her is to listen to her stories and really get into them with her.

Actually, all of my children have very active imaginations. It is so much fun watching them play and listening to what they come up with!

10) What’s the best way a husband can support a work at home mom? I think the best encouragement is when my husband is actually interested in what I’m doing. He doesn’t read my blog all the time, but I really love it when he does and then we discuss it. And it took him a while to get into the essential oils. The first few months he wouldn’t let me anywhere near him with them! But as he has seen how well they work and how committed I am to them, he has gradually come around. He now goes to my oil collection before the medicine cabinet if he’s not feeling well, and I’ve even heard him mention them to other people. So that makes me happy!

Thanks so much for the great swap this week! Make sure to get over to Live By Surprise and see how she answered my questions.

I’d love to hear your answers to any of these questions in the comments.

  • Stacey Gannett

    Great swap! I have always loved the benefits of oils, they are amazing! I really need to get my pinterest in order, but I always seem to change my mind on how I want it. I was really glad that I changed to wordpress, but I spent a few months with blogger to kind of get my feet wet blogging. And you are so right about jumping in and learning as you go…I kind of jumped in slowly, but it was great to learn. Have a great weekend!

  • Tiffany MrsTee Haywood

    Oh Pinterest! Pinterest is my GoTo when I am bored and just want to be entertained without needing to think too much…LOL I love my Pinterest and trust me some things I pin knowing I will never do them but her ‘just in case’… 😀