About Rahab to Riches

Maybe you’ve heard about Rahab, the harlot in the Old Testament who chose to believe in God’s power and saved herself and her family from destruction? That story has filled me with hope from the first time I heard it. If God could save a harlot like Rahab, surely He could save a harlot like me. Not that I was ever a prostitute in the strict sense of the the word, but for years I was addicted to drugs, living on the street, and daily engaged in all the promiscuity and sin that comes along with addiction. My life was in shambles, and if it wasn’t for the saving power of Jesus Christ I could have never left that life of chains behind. Now I am happily married with 5 beautiful children. Although I am still a sinner, I am not living under the power of sin like I once was. I hope you’ll stick around and read about how I’m living my life now, and rejoice knowing that if God saved me, He can save anyone!