Pain That Makes You Feel Alive

Pain is a normal part of life. No matter who you are or where you are from, when you fall down it is going to hurt. If someone you love betrays you, it is going to hurt. Pain is not something we can escape from. We live in a culture that is so intent on […]

The Vacation You Need to be Taking with Your Family

Camping: The Vacation You Need to be Taking with Your Family

Camping wasn’t something that I grew up doing with my family. In fact, the first time I ever went camping was with a group of friends when I was a teenager. Even then, it wasn’t a regular thing, just something I did a few times. When I met my husband, I became quite a bit […]

Instilling Faith in Your Children

Instilling Faith in Your Children

I am a preacher’s kid and my dad is my favorite preacher. I’ve heard some sermons more than once, enough to have a favorite. As children, my siblings and I referred to it as “the parrot sermon” (because of a variation of this illustration). The sermon’s actual title is “Who will teach the children?” using scriptures from the book of Deuteronomy. This sermon […]

You’re Invited to an Essential Oils Class on Facebook!

Why should you go to an essential oils class on Facebook? You’ve seen the posts all over the internet about essential oils. You may have friends and family that use them. You may even have dabbled in them yourself, but are overwhelmed with all the info out there. You want to get started using them, […]

How to use essential oils to promote Healthy Hair

How to use Essential Oils to Promote Healthy Hair

I have heard it said that a woman’s hair is a good indicator of age. Healthy hair makes a woman appear younger, whereas dry, brittle, damaged hair makes a woman appear older. Who doesn’t want thick, shiny, lustrous, healthy hair? I know I sure do! I am only in my early 30’s, and don’t look […]