Work From Home

Work From Home Companies: 10 Reasons Why Young Living Is The Best!

As a stay at home mom, I have often looked for ways to increase my family’s income. I tried mystery shopping. That worked out for a little while, but it became a hassle the more children I had, and ended up just not being worth the $15 I would make for each shop. I tried […]

Hearing God Through Housework

I had a very busy day ahead of me. I woke up early to spend some time hearing God by reading His word, and talking to Him in prayer. I was up before the children and had started getting things done, but I still felt like I was falling behind, and I was overwhelmed. I […]

Put On Love Diffusing Pacifier Clips

I was recently sent a pacifier clip to review from Put On Love designs. I was so excited to review this, because it is a very special type of pacifier clip–an essential oil diffusing clip! And if you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know how much my family and I […]

Who Said You Can’t Do It?

“Mom! I’m done!” I hear this battle cry exuberantly called from the bathroom many times each day. One of my children has finished up in the bathroom and needs my help to wash their hands. I used to rush in and help, to make sure they were doing a good job, getting nice and clean, and […]

Healthy, Crunchy, or Just Plain Crazy?

A few days ago I saw an article that really got me fired up. Apparently, the government now wants to label people who take care of their health as having a mental disorder. They’ve even come up with a scientific sounding diagnosis, Orthorexia nervosa. It seems that if you are overly concerned with the pureness of your […]