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Baby Bumble Bee

This whole pregnancy, bees have been buzzing on my mind. For the first time, we did a gender reveal cake and pictures to let our other children and friends and family know what we were having. I ordered the cake from Nugget Markets bakery-they have THE BEST cakes and if you live in or around the Sacramento, CA area you’re missing out if you’ve never been there. On the cake they wrote “What’s It Going To Bee?” and on the inside put pink frosting for our little girl.

Gender Reveal Cake-Bumble Bee Theme

Gender Reveal Cake-Bumble Bee Theme

Sticking with the bumble bee theme, I found this super cute baby blanket pattern on Pinterest that I am going to start working on this week. I just hope to get it done in the next 3 weeks before baby arrives. Then I have some pretty tall orders from my other little’s for what they want mom to crochet for them. At least I’ll “bee” busy!

Bumble Bee Blanket and Cap

Bumble Bee Blanket and Cap

And it is good that yellow is a gender neutral color, because even though they say the baby is a girl, my son is convinced that it will be a boy. I think it’s probably wishful thinking because he wants a brother so bad, but I know ultrasounds have been wrong before, so we shall see.

Next week my husband and I will be stripping and re-painting a baby cradle that we got for FREE! I am planning on painting it a creamy white color with little bumble bees buzzing all over it. Look for pictures here in the next week or two. Although we’ve never done anything like that before, so fingers crossed that it will turn out how we are hoping!

What do you think of the bumble bee theme? Did you have a theme when you were expecting? Let us know in the comments!

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Showers of Prayers


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Today definitely started out as one of those mornings. You know the ones. When the day seems to start without you and you hit the ground running. Not my favorite way to start. The best mornings are the ones where I’m up at least a little while before the children and I can relax, wake-up slow, and spend some time with God. A good friend of mine has a plaque in her bathroom that reads “A Day Hemmed In Prayer Rarely Unravels.” I have found that to be true in my life. When I don’t get to spend some time alone with God in the morning, I feel like I’m chasing a ball of yarn the rest of the day.

And so it went today. My husband left early for the gym and all my little’s climbed in bed with me, so instead of getting up I just cuddled around them for a while. But then I lost track of the time, and we had to rush through breakfast and getting ready because I had appointments to get to. So no Bible time. No prayer. I could feel myself getting frustrated and overwhelmed.

I was getting myself ready and I just started praying in the shower. A completely unconventional place to pray, but it’s what I had. I stood there in the shower, pouring my heart out to God, praying for my family members and their days, for my friends, for my schedule. It felt right. It felt like I was back on track and I could handle the day. I know I should definitely have a time set apart for prayer, but that doesn’t mean God won’t hear me if I talk to Him on the fly. The Bible says we are to “pray without ceasing.” To me, that means that we should always have a place in our hearts open to talk to Him throughout the day. He’s my best friend. I can call Him up whenever I want to chat and He will always be happy to hear from me and He will always have time. Even when I’m in the shower.

What are some of the unconventional places or times you have prayed?


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Oils and NingXia to the Rescue!


Lately we have been on the go-go-go. Soccer practices, team parties, swim lessons, teen activities-it seems like there is always somewhere to be. Well I think my very pregnant body got a message from my immune system last night that it was time to slow down!

Late yesterday afternoon I started getting very sniffly and congested. Yes, both at the same time, as weird as that sounds. I could feel the pressure building in my head and my throat start bothering me. I started feeling down in the dumps, and my mountain of tissues was growing on my end table beside my seat on the couch, when I remembered that I had the power to boost my immune system already in my house!

I went over to the fridge and got an extra dose of my favorite health-supporting  juice drink, NingXia Red. Never heard of it? It’s just the most awesomely delicious immune-boosting drink by Young Living. NingXia Red contains the powerful antioxidant oils orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine combined with the superfruit wolfberry. This juice maintains healthy vision, may help support a healthy cardiovascular system, supplies your body with the resources it needs to maintain good health and overall wellness, and replenishes key nutrients all while delivering natural, low-glycemic energy. It also supports the body’s natural immune response, which is JUST what I needed last night.

Then I made some hot tea with a few drops of one of my favorite oils, Thieves. It was immediately soothing to my throat and chest. And after looking in my Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils, I decided to rub RC on my chest, Raven on my back, and Thieves on my feet. All these oils are great at supporting the immune system and encouraging proper nasal function.

Finally, I decided that since we had homeschool in the morning, I better get some sleep tonight, I moved my diffuser into my room and placed it on my nightstand with a few drops of Thieves and a few drops of Eucalyptus oil. I slept so great and wasn’t even bothered by my nose. Major bonus!

I feel so great this morning, and I’m sure it was because of the immune-boosting properties of these oils and NingXia. I can only imagine how different this morning would have been had I left my immune system alone to fend for itself. Sure, it probably would have gotten the job done eventually, but probably not as quickly. I am so thankful for the restful sleep and health benefits afforded by my Young Living Essential Oils!

If you’re interested in getting some oils or NingXia Red for yourself, don’t wait until you need them! It is much better to be prepared and to already begin supporting your health before it’s too late. Visit my Essential Oils page to learn more and find out how to order, and feel free to Contact Me with any questions.


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Ultimate Christian Living Bundle Sale!

I am SO very excited to be able to share this AMAZING deal with you! What you see below are all the e-books and mp3’s included in the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle, which goes on sale from November 5 to November 10.  In addition to all these are some pretty cool bonuses. One is a workout program that will help you to get healthier in only 15 minutes a day! For a busy mom like me, every moment counts, so being able to squeeze in a work-out in 15 minutes is right up my alley. Click on any of the boxes below and it will take you to the sale website, where you can find out what the other bonuses are as well as all the info you may want to know about the sale.

I am looking forward to reading so many of these books, especially the ones in the Christian Classics Series! I tried to read Pilgrims Progress a few years ago in the original English, and let’s just say I never finished it. Props to all of you have read it and hung in there! But this version is in modern English which I am excited about reading aloud to my children.

You’ll notice in the Children’s Collection, there is a picture of a bunch of cd’s. I can’t wait to listen to all those Bible songs and scripture with my children. I notice that my children memorize anything easier when it is set to music. What a great way to hide God’s Word in their heart! You will be getting all those in mp3 format, so you could put them on any device and even listen on the go.

Even men will find something they like here. There is a whole Business and Personal Finance Collection (not just for men, but I know it’s something my husband will be interested in), and some of the books in the Marriage Collection are written specifically to husbands. There really is something here for the whole family, and it is sure to be a collection your family will cherish for years to come.

If you were to buy all of these separately, the cost would be over $1141! I don’t know about you, but that is just a bit out of budget for my family. But if you buy this collection during the sale, it will cost you a whopping $34.95! Such an amazing deal! But be sure to order as soon as the sale starts, because quantities are limited. In order to get an email when the sale goes live, click the banner box in the sidebar of this blog, and let them know to notify you. You can also click any of the boxes below if you are on a mobile device and can’t see my sidebar. And don’t worry, I will be posting here as soon as the sale goes live with a link to order, as well. So check out all the books, I’m sure there is something that will appeal to you. Even if there’s only one or two from each category that grab your eye, you still can’t beat this price!


Sale is going on from now until November 10! Click on any of the boxes to be taken to the sale website, or simply click on the BUY NOW button below to be taken directly to the order form.


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