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I Can’t Do It Alone

Thy Word Is Truth

Thy Word Is Truth

This pregnancy has been hard on me. I have been more tired than I remember with my other ones, and while I found out a reason and a solution to the physical exhaustion, I have allowed that to make me spiritually exhausted as well.

I’ve thought things I shouldn’t think. And allowed myself to go on thinking them.

I’ve said things I shouldn’t say.

I’ve had a horrible attitude.

I’ve fed the depression and anxiety instead of turning it over the The One who can help.

Daily, I have let the chores of keeping up the house and homeschooling my children become a burden to me. I have been trying to do it in my own strength. And the truth is I Just Can’t!

My life has been so busy. I’m in a busy season right now. And in order to make time for everything, I have cut out the most important thing. My daily prayer and Bible time with the Lord.

It’s now wonder I have been so overwhelmed. I haven’t been refreshing myself daily. I haven’t allowed the Lord to lead. I’ve been relying on myself.

And the truth is: I will always fail. I will always come short. Another truth: I don’t have to live that way. There is a better way.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” -Philippians 4:13

Jesus Christ can and will strengthen me. He will lead and guide me. He will bear my burden. I just have to let Him.

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How to Use Purification Essential Oil


Purification blend from Young Living is one of my favorite and most versatile oils. In fact, this was the first oil I ran out of when I got my Premium Starter Kit. It just has so many uses! Cleansing, sanitizing, and health maintenance, to name a few. In this post I am going to let you know about some of the many ways I personally use Purification in my home to keep it clean and smelling fresh!

  1.  Insect and Rodent Control- The little nasty’s certainly don’t like this! The combination of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary, among other oils in the blend, keeps the pests on the run. Which makes me very happy. Put a few drops into a glass or metal spray bottle with water and a little bit of witch hazel, and then spray around doors and windows, or on yourself if you’re looking for a chemical-free bug spray. You can also put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in areas where you know the insects or rodents are coming in to deter them.
  2. Sanitize your countertops- What I LOVE about Young Living oils is that they are so versatile. Just take your same spray bottle you made for keeping the bugs away and spray down your countertops to kill any lingering germs. Bonus-bugs won’t want to crawl around up there! You could also put a couple drops in a glass bowl with some water and use it to wipe down your counters with a sponge or dishrag.
  3. Get rid of Mold and Fungus- Again, just take your handy-dandy spray bottle and tackle that mold or fungus wherever it is growing. Once you get it clean, keep spraying down the area periodically to keep it from coming back. This is great to use in showers!
  4. Freshen Laundry- I know NONE of you are like me and forget to rotate your laundry load before you go to bed at night. Or leave a load in the washer all weekend. Oops! I used to have to re-wash it 2-3 times when that happened just to get most of the smell out, and some clothes still smelled musty. Now, I have gotten better about not doing that, but if I do forget I just restart the washer with a little detergent and about 4-6 drops of Purification, and they come out smelling fresh, fresh, fresh. Even when I stay on top of the laundry I like to occasionally add a few drops to a load, especially of towels, to get them smelling nice. Another great way is to douse a clean dishrag with a few drops and throw it in the dryer with the load.
  5. Clean the Air- When I am deep cleaning my house, Purification is my go-to oil to diffuse. Not only does it have an energizing smell, but it actually cleans the ickies out of the air. Super good when you’re dusting and sweeping because otherwise all those germs just get swirled up into the air to get inhaled by your family. This oil is also great at getting out cooking smells. The scents of beans, curry, onions, and garlic have all bit the dust when faced with Purification from my diffuser. I love the smell of food when it is actually cooking or being eaten, but nobody wants to have company come over in the morning and be able to smell last nights dinner. Yuck!
  6. Sanitize sponges- One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves the dish sponge in the sink when they are done with it. It stays wet and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. I am constantly throwing out sponges because of this. They start to stink and that’s when you know the bacteria has taken over. I used to microwave them, and while I know from biology class that microwaving will kill the germs, they still stink! Now when one of my dear family members leaves my sponge to breed in the sink I just fill up a bowl with hot water and 3 drops of Purification and leave the sponge soaking for about 10 minutes. Kills the germs and the smell.

So that is how I use this very versatile oil in my home. If you want to try it out, just go to my Essential Oils page and you will find the link. You can order just Purification by changing the ordering form from Wholesale to Retail customer if you want. BUT then you have to pay retail price. In order to get Wholesale pricing now and for life, just leave it on Wholesale Member and order the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with Purification along with 10 other awesome oils that are just as versatile, plus a diffuser!!! And if you order a Premium Starter Kit from me I will send you a Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils so you can discover all the different ways these oils will change your life! This is definitely a decision you will be happy you made.

How I Created A Picky Eater


Having 4 kids, with one on the way, I can tell you about plenty of eating experiences I’ve had with my children and their often picky palettes. Most children will go through a phase of pickiness, and there are some foods that certain kids just don’t like. Really, I can’t blame them for the most part. I mean, I don’t like everything. Do you? God created each of us as individuals with certain likes and dislikes that are uniquely ours, and that includes food. But this post isn’t for those normal food preferences we all have. This post is about how I created a monster (ahem…toddler) that wouldn’t eat more than a handful of things for almost 2 years straight! I hope this can prevent someone else from unknowingly following in my footsteps.

My son, my second-born child, is the king of all picky eaters. And I now know it is my fault. I can look back and see where I went wrong. When he first started eating solid food, he would willingly try anything. Beans, meatballs, veggie lasagna…you name it. But then I fell into the Gerber trap. Right there in the aisle next to the baby food were these super cute little microwaveable baby meals. Gerber Graduates. Tiny little baby bite size ravioli’s with cheeses, meats, and veggies. The perfect consistency for a teething infant and toddler to gum down. And so convenient. Ready in just a few seconds with no messy clean up. I thought I had hit the baby feeding jackpot!

And right next to those were the snack containers with dime-sized rice snacks, perfect for baby to pick up with his new found finger dexterity. Not only was I feeding my child something that made him happy, I was improving his hand-eye coordination at the same time. Not to mention how convenient those were to throw in the diaper bag while we were heading out the door to one of big sister’s sporting events. I don’t even remember what they are called, we just called them “num-num’s.”

What I didn’t realize then, though, was that I was setting us up for future food failure. The problem with those nuggets of convenience? Their texture, taste, and smell are completely different from the real food that we full grown humans eat. My son didn’t want to graduate from his graduates!

As my little eater got bigger and got a mouth full of teeth, I started trying to give him the same food that the rest of the family was eating. Only he wasn’t having it. Now, had I persisted then I might have been able to nip his pickiness in the bud, but alas, I fell back on what was easy. It was easier for me to make him a separate meal from the rest of us, rather than fight with him and coerce him to eat at every meal. So I resorted to always having macaroni and cheese, pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or cereal ready for him at mealtimes. Because that was all he would eat. My little king sure had turned into a royal pain!

This went on for a couple years until finally, when he was about 4, my husband and I had had enough. For months dinner time was a battle field as we did everything we could think of to make him eat what was served. Most evenings ended with my little man and I both in tears. He would rather go to bed hungry every night than eat whatever was on his plate, unless it was one of the aforementioned “safe” foods. I was worried about his nutrition and worried about what kind of impression this would leave on him for the rest of his life. We had to change our strategy.

And we did. I started making the foods he liked, but first he would have to eat at least one bite of what everyone else was eating. It was a struggle at first, and sometimes an hour would pass before he would calm down and take the bite. Usually after he was done he would concede that it didn’t taste that bad. Still, he would only take the one bite. Eventually we worked up to a few more bites, until all he got for dinner was what everyone else had. It might only be 5-10 bites, but at least he was eating with the family. I still made him whatever he wanted to eat for breakfast and lunch.

He is now 6, and the category of foods he likes has grown by leaps and bounds. It is still a struggle to get him to try something new, and he is almost always the last one done eating. He likes to dawdle and thinks that if he waits long enough, we won’t make him finish. So now what I do is put a bite on his fork, and he has to eat it by time I count to 5. This is a hassle, especially since I also have a 4 and a 2 year old that I have to make sure are eating, but it’s such an improvement. Just tonight he said how much he likes carrots-which was a major melt-down food just a few months ago. The persistence has paid off!

For certain foods that I know he didn’t like, such as carrots, I would only put one small bite on his plate. After doing that with steak, green beans, and now carrots, he actually likes all those foods. It just took quite some time. And now I can actually get him to eat food out of his comfort zone at other meals, not just dinner.

I definitely learned my lesson. My other children were NEVER fed Gerber Graduates, and only very rarely fed baby food out of the jar. They learned to eat on the same foods the rest of us were eating, for the most part. And for the most part, I don’t have any pickiness issues with them. At least nothing even close to the picky habits I instilled in my son. I don’t ever want a repeat of that! I’ve learned that once you start making different meals for different people, it is a hard habit to break. Better to just serve the family meal to even the littlest eaters right from the start. Just make sure you mash or blend it up first.

Do you have any picky eaters in your family? What are some mealtime tricks you use in your home?

Letting Jesus Calm the Storm


“Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.” -1 Peter 5:7

I just got back from a road trip to visit my husband’s mom. Before we left, I made my husband promise me that either him or I would drive, and not his older brother who was also taking the trip with us. Not because his brother is a bad driver, but because I get horrible anxiety anytime we travel. Not just to the next town over or a drive we make regularly, but when we go on a long trip. This time we were going 16 hours away and we were going to be driving overnight to make it easier on the kids. So, yeah, my anxiety was in full effect.

One would think that with my husband driving, I could relax and sleep with the kids, especially since I am 7 months pregnant. Any normal person would. But I find it nearly impossible. I have to keep my eyes on the road in case my husband misses something and I have to watch the speedometer and “remind” him of how fast he is going  and I have to keep my husband talking so he doesn’t fall asleep. Really, the only one of those I should be doing is keeping my husband awake. The rest just aren’t my jobs. So why do I have such a hard time letting my husband do his job and just be content to do mine?

Control. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak. I said it. I feel like I have to have my hand in everything and be a part of every little detail or it won’t go right. Which results in me having serious stress and anxiety about the littlest things-like traveling. In reality, I can’t control anything from the passenger seat. Yes, if my husband starts to fall asleep I can get his attention and we can pull over, but beyond that there’s really nothing I can do. My husband is the driver. I am just along for the ride.

I think this carries over quite a bit into my spiritual walk with God. Because I have such a hard time being a passenger in life it is often hard for me to just “let go and let God.” I try to rein Him in to do my will, when in reality I should be more concerned about doing His will. His way is perfect and He knows the best course of action and the best decision for me. He knows me better than I know myself. I would do well to be content with being a passenger and letting God drive. It’s when I try to rush ahead and control everything that I get into trouble.

Anyways, back to our trip. It was about an hour before sunrise and we had already driven for about 10 hours straight. My husband was tired. I was tired (and cranky). We stopped at a travel center to get some breakfast and then my brother-in-law was going to drive so my husband and I could get some sleep. I got into the backseat and for the first half hour I was constantly checking over the driver’s shoulder, looking at the speedometer and making comments about what the speed limit was. I was driving everyone crazy and I was making myself sick to my stomach. That’s when I decided to do the smartest thing yet. I prayed. I sat back there in my seat and talked to God, asking Him over and over again to just keep us all safe and let us get to grandma’s house safely. And you know what? After a little while of that, I felt peace. Jesus came and calmed my storm of anxiety and let me know that He was in control, and no matter what happened He was there and we would all be alright. I could finally get some sleep and be the passenger that I should have been all along. Jesus showed me that morning that He is the Master of the storm, and He is in control. It’s okay to let go and enjoy the ride.

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